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Book review: Vampire Academy

Ahhhh one of my all-time favorite series, cliche as it might be 😉 I read this series a few years ago, and then another time like a year ago, and I didn’t remember anything that happened in the last two or three books. Then, I started Bloodlines, the spin-off series, and found out that they didn’t get translated after book three (I read them all in Dutch, from the library here), tried to read them as an ebook on my phone, discovered that reading on my phone is horrible, and didn’t read anything of the series till last.. November, I think? Anyhow, long story short, I decided to reread them again, and since I bought both of the series, I should be able to finally read the whole Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series without stopping 😛  Which was a good thing too, because I got this huge book slump and didn’t read anything for months, but I found my love for reading again in both Vampire Academy and, of course, Discworld, which I did keep reading but at such a sloooowwww pace.

Enough with the rambling though, let’s get on with the review!


Title: Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1)

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link / Book Depository


Summary: Just like any other story, there are vampires and there are humans. Except here. There are three different kinds of vampires. There are the Moroi, they have the gift of harvesting the Earth’s power. Then, there are the Strigoi, the “evil” vampires. Where the Moroi take a tiny dose of human blood to feed, the Strigoi kill their “prey”. They can also turn Moroi into Strigoi. To protect the Moroi, there are Dhampirs. They’re half human, half vampire. The power from the vampire side helps them to protect the Moroi, and the human side makes them stronger, because they can easily walk in daylight and don’t need blood to survive. Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess, and she and her best friend (who she is also mentally bonded with) Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir, have run away from school, but after 2 years, they’re found and brought back. In order to catch up soon enough, Rose is being mentored with extra practice by Dimitri, a Dhampir. Between Lissa, lessons, extra practice, rose is busy enough. But the Strigoi are always close…

In this book, we meet Rose, who’s.. well, let’s just say she always has an answer ready before you even finish your sentence. I personally am a huge fan of Rose, although I do agree with the people saying she is too childish. She may be, a bit, but that’s part of her personality too. I love her sassyness and snarkiness so much, so her inner (and sometimes outer too) monologue is always a joy to read.

Rose and Lissa have run away from the academy two years ago, and this book starts with them being found and brought back. I remember reading it for the first time and thinking “huh, ironic, this is the first book that doesn’t start with two teenagers running away but being brought back.” They’re caught by Dimitri, who later helps Rose when she is being scoffed at for being so ridiculous and careless. Lissa is afterall the last Dragomir, and she should be protected at all times. Rose will get back to her classes at the academy, and although she did live out in the “real world”, she needs extra field practice, which Dimitri will give her.

Dimitri Belikov is mentioned as being “godly” quite a few times, leaving me with a nice imagination of him. He is strong, smart, and above all, the one who has to take care of Rose being able to keep up with her classmates. Soon enough, they have feelings for each other, but since he is her mentor, it cannot happen. They stay strong and deny any attraction between them, no matter how difficult it may be.

Lissa Dragomir is Rose’s best friend, and they’re bonded as well. Rose can feel Lissa’s feelings, hear her thoughts, and even “visit” her, which turns out to be very useful at times. Too bad, the bond is only one way, and Lissa can do none of those things. I thought Lissa was more childish than Rose in the first book, because were Rose has her training for guardian-being, Lissa is pretty helpless. She, of course, needs to be protected against Strigoi, but besides that, she can make some pretty stupid choices too.

Christian Ozera is another character we’ll see quite much of later. He is found spending time in the church’s attic, where Lissa used to be too, before they ran away. They become friends, even though Christian is hated a lot because of his parent’s choice to turn into Strigoi. His sassyness matches Rose’s, which makes them quite funny.

I can’t say a lot about the other characters, because I’ll spoil too much, but I’ll tell you that there are quite some plot twists I didn’t see coming. In the first book, there is also a bit of slut-shaming, seemingly as Rose looks good and knows how to get stuff done when guys are around. She is still a virgin though, so I just wrote it off as regular high school drama.

I’ve also seen quite some comments about the lengthy descriptions that Richelle Mead has in her book, and the disappointing amount of actual badass fighting, which I will assure you, that will come. As for the descriptions.. I personally don’t mind that. I read quite fast so I tend to miss one or two words sometimes, and this makes it really easy to still know what’s going on 😉 And, as I also said in my review of The Night Circus, if I like the book, I really like long descriptions.

As for the disapproval on Rose and Dimitri.. well, Rose is almost 18 in this book, if I remember it correctly and Dimitri is 24. Which is not that much of a difference, if you ask me. But hey, I’m 20 and my boyfriend is 34 so I guess I’m not one to judge here 😉 For real though, I don’t mind age difference (duh) and I saw how they were more on the same level than student-teacher most of the times. They are, however, right on one thing. If they both will be guarding Lissa, they can’t be in a relationship, since they will have to be willing to sacrifice themselves for her, not for each other.

Overall, this book is a great start of the series, it introduces the most important characters and the setting of the story.

Despite the idea of this being the “new Twilight”, I personally don’t see any resemblance with Twilight, besides from Vampires being in the story. There’s also a lot more action, and while that may not be all in the first book, the next ones will get more than enough, trust me on this 😉

Did you read Vampire Academy? What did you think? 


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Top 5 Wednesday: Side Ships

Hello, here I am again with the T5W! The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

— Tell us your favorite relationships that don’t involve the protagonist! 

I’m really excited for this theme, because most side ships don’t get their own story, yet sometimes I love the side ship more than the main ship haha 😛


1. Lissa and Christian – Vampire Academy

Of course one of my side ships would be from this series (spoiler alert: next one will be too), I love it too much. Now, to be fair, this isn’t exactly a side ship, but Rose is the main character so I think this counts as side ship :’)


2. Jill and Eddie – Bloodlines

I did warn you, didn’t I? Sorry, I’m way too much in love with anything Richelle Mead writes. Jill and Eddie are the cutest side ship, but also the most frustrating one because they can’T SEEM TO GET TOGETHER. Struggles of a book addict…


3. Alec and Magnus – The Mortal Instruments

In the series, this ship is portrayed as one of the main (I think, I haven’t watched it yet), but in the books, this is more of a side ship. They’re really cute together though!


4. Simon and Izzy – The Mortal Instruments 

Gosh, another one from the same series.. However, Simon and Izzy are amazing, and I’d love to read a book from Simon’s POV. Not only with Izzy, but also how he became a vampire and all that. *Pokes Cassandra Clare*


5. Cress and Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf – The Lunar Chronicles

While Cinder is seen as the main character throughout the entire series, I really love Scarlet and Cress ❤


And that’s all for this week! What are your favorite side ships? Do you like them more than main ships?


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Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Angsty Romances

The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

–This topic has been much requested! Talk about your favorite ships that have a healthy side of angst. (definition: adj.: describes a situation or literary piece which contains dark, depressing, angry, and/or brooding emotions from the participating characters.)

1. Divergent by Veronica Roth


Tris and Four both had their fears and their past against them, and especially those fears made it really dark sometimes.

Buy here on Book Depository!

2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


With both Peeta and Gale (#teamGale) it was angsty, mainly because of the conditions they lived in, but also the conditions in which they were together. With Peeta it was the darkness of the Games and everything around it, and with Gale it was the way they lived, had to hunt for their meals, and never sure whether the other would survive it. The surviving part was also really angsty during the Games.

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3. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare


I must say, with Valentine in the mix, Jace and Clary’s love had always been kind of dark. Especially in the book City of Lost Souls where Jace and Sebastian were bound together and Jace had become a servant of Evil. And yes, a lot of people absolutely despise this series, but I actually really liked them!

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4. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


This book has been kind of dark from the beginning with Eleanor’s situation at home. Their relationship also isn’t exactly something you can call “light and happy” at times… I reviewed Eleanor and Park here if you’re interested 🙂

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5. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead


Ah yes, any chance to talk about this series and I will do it (are you guys sick of me yet haha). However, the romances in this series have been quite dark, with Lissa and Christian where Lissa uses spirit and becomes pretty depressed (which she later “gave”to Rose through the bond they share), and Christian with his aunt. Rose and Dimitri aren’t the perfect happy couple either, since Dimitri became a Strigoi and Rose got after him to murder him. I reviewed this series here 🙂

Buy here on Book Depository!

And that’s it for my top 5! Do you guys agree with me? Do you like books with angsty romances like this? I personally love it when everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows, it makes me want to read faster even more to see how they end up!


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T5W: Fictional jobs you’d want to have

Heya! I am a day too late with this (almost a whole one, since it’s 11pm actually) and I’m sorry but the moving has been REALLY hectic. I hope to be back on track around next week, but I’m working full days from Sunday till next Friday (meaning my only day off to unpack is Saturday), so I can’t promise anything, sadly.

The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

–Any fictional career you’d want to have? Remember, T5W is always open to movies, tv, and video games as well.

Supernatural: Hunter 


I’d love to tag along with Sam and Dean Winchester (and Castiel of course!) ❤ Although there are some really scary things going around, it’d be awesome


Doctor Who: Companion


I really love Doctor Who (and yes, I still have to start my rewatch and this time, actually finish the series for as far as possible!!) and it’d be amazing to travel with the Doctor!


X-Men: Teacher 


I am generally not one to love teaching or anything but Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters is just wayy too awesome to not be part of it 😛


Avengers: Avenger


Fighting for my life -and my friends too, to save the world?! Hell yes! Except the part where Civil War happens (just thinking about it hurts me again aaahhh) it would be amazing.


Vampire Academy: Dhampir

Yes, I am obsessed with this series, but being a Dhampir sounds awesome. You get to learn how to protect someone at all times, and yes, it may suck a little because love isn’t really possible, but honestly, it would be really cool.

Did you agree with the jobs I chose? What jobs would you like to have? Tell me!

I am only writing my Book Traveling Thursdays post after posting this and then going to sleep! Tomorrow, I gotta wake up at 7 again, move the last things to my own apartment, then work from 12 to 8.30 pm and then I’ll finally be able to enjoy an evening in my new house! 🙂


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Book review: The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines 4)

Heya all!

Just a fair warning: I am going to move out within a week, and right now, half of my stuff is packed into boxes, the other half is still in my mom’s house, also in boxes, and a lot of things I usually need (my books) are not with me. (Fun fact: I have 2 and a half boxes full of books) This means that I don’t have a lot of time to read, or to update. I hope you will stay with me, and I think that this all will be over in two weeks. I’m sorry!

Anyhow, on to the review!

I’m still (slowly) continuing the Bloodlines series, and god, I want to scream..

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Title: The Fiery Heart

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link: The Fiery Heart


Summary: Sydney Sage has a regular busy life, as is expected of her. She is still making sure the Moroi and Dhampirs stay out of trouble, and all the other regular chores her Alchemist job has given her. And besides that, she’s maintaining a (secret) relationship with the Moroi Adrian Ivashkov, which is highly forbidden, and on top of that, she practices magic. She views the Alchemists in a completely different way than before, and that shouldn’t be a problem, except that her sister Zoe looks highly up to her and the Alchemists. Zoe doesn’t realize what life she could have instead of this one, and how great that would be. Everything seems to go well, and she finally discovers what she’s been wanting ever since Marcus showed up, but at the same time she is getting less careful with hiding her secrets…

Okay, this time it was not the last sentence that got me, but still… THAT ENDING. I feel like this book was a lot “calmer” than the others. Nothing really big happened (except for Sydney discovering that ink if course), and it seemed that she had her life back in order. And then, the ending. Oh boi.

I loved Sydney and Adrian’s relationship, I loved how he treated her and I loved how she let go of her old beliefs and gave into what her heart told her. Adrian was a complete different person, still charming as always, but so careful now. He even gave up his alcohol for her (something he didn’t do for Rose).

Zoe was one person I was excited to read about, since I haven’t read a lot about her in the first three books. I sometimes wanted to murder her, but I did understand her. She was exactly like Sydney was in the beginning, obeying her fathers will, and nothing but that. But she started to see that maybe, maybe those vampires weren’t so bad after all, and it made my heart happy.

This book didn’t feature Jill, Eddie and the others as much as the first books, but I didn’t really mind. When they were involved, it felt good.

This book is also the first one with Adrian’s POV, and that’s one of the things that made this book so amazing. It was great to see things like Adrian sees them. I’ve wondered how Adrian ‘worked’ sometimes and this book explains a lot of those things, so that was pretty cool. Besides that, the spirit from the user’s POV is never really explained since the Vampire Academy books were about Rose while Lissa was the spirit user.

Overall I loved this book (as I expected) and yet again, with an ending like this, I immediately wanted to dive into the next book!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know!

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T5W: Book trends you’re tired of

Instead of the internet, now my computer is having troubles with me 😦 But I managed to write this post just in time so, long live the scheduling option!

The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

What are some things you are tired of seeing that are trends in publishing? Maybe something that pops up on a lot of covers these days, or the popularity of certain tropes in a particular genre? Let it out!

(I’m not exactly sure I understood this topic 100% so please tell me if I interpreted this wrong!)

1. Love triangles

I have said it before, I’ll say it now and I’ll say it a 1000 more times in the future. Love triangles is one of the very few things that just keep annoying me while reading. And I don’t actually know if this is particularly in the young-adult genre or not, I’m getting really tired of it… I mean, sometimes it’s written really well (the one from the Legend series wasn’t awesome, but still better than most… probably because it was over soon enough. Reviews of Legend, Prodigy and Champion here, here and here), but still, the love triangle is coming back so many times in so many books!


2. Boys that think girls are helpless

And yes, most of the time, they realize girls are awesome and strong soon enough, but I can’t not hate that first impression. I mean, we’re living in the 2010’s for God’s sake! Let us be awesome and strong on our own!


3. Books where people who read are getting bullied and/or laughed at

I feel like this really represents the real life. When I tell people I like to read, I get strange looks and asks if I wouldn’t rather spend hours playing Candy Crush on my phone or something (no I don’t). Why is reading such a “bad” thing? So what if we enjoy our time with books, on our own (or together with someone), what’s wrong with that? I’ll never understand it to be honest.


4. Stock images/Real life people on covers

Another thing I’ve mentioned before, but if there’s one thing that makes me want to not-buy a book, it’s when it has real-life people on the cover. Sometimes the people match the view of them in my head, but most of the time, they’re not at all what I imagined they would look like. And that’s the kind of thing that’ll get stuck with me for a long long time, even after finishing the book. The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series, for one, could have so much better covers!

bookcoverbloodlinesseries The_covers_of_the_six_Vampire_Academy_books


5. Love in almost every story

I have nothing against a good love story, but I just don’t think it’s necessary for every book to have a love story.Sure, it makes a good more-than-one-plotline, but sometimes the book is rather difficult as it already is, no need to add a love story. Coincedentally, I read the book Angelfall (review here), and except for the ending, there isn’t really any love there. And it was honestly amazing

Did you have the same or just really different things you’re tired of? Tell me!


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Book review: The Indigo Spell

Back again with the third book of this series! 😀 This book took me somewhat longer to finish, but that’s mostly because I started it on December 30th, and then came the New Year, and then I immediately had to work again, and I didn’t have a lot of time for reading. But now I’m done!


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Title: The Indigo Spell

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link: The Indigo Spell


Summary: After finding out about the secret group Trey was in, Sydney Sage makes a decision to search up Marcus Finch, who used to be an Alchemist. However, the Alchemists deny his existence, making Sydney even more curious. With Marcus’ help, she finds out the Alchemists are lying to her -making her seriously doubt to let Marcus remove the lily tattoo on her cheek, the tattoo that bonds her with the Alchemists. In the meantime, Sydney is “forced” to use her magical powers (which she never even knew she had) to track down someone evil: someone is targeting young witches like Sydney herself. Using magic goes against everything she ever believed in, but it’s the only way to protect herself.

Okay, I still screamed at the ending but this time it was a good kind of scream. And then not. Just when I thought things were gonna be okay, Zoe showed up and I’m just kind of… I don’t even know. Sydney and Adrian can’t be together, especially not in front of Zoe. And Sydney just removed her tattoo, and that too is not going well. I swear to god this better be ending good. Something I really loved about this book were the small details, like Sydney and Adrian playing games in “their” dream. It made me all fuzzy on the inside!

Sydney using magic is awesome, even though she didn’t want it at first. throughout the book I thought her teacher pushed her too much but at the end I realized why she did it. I never thought she was actually gonna remove the tattoo though, it didn’t seem like a Sydney-thing to do. Or maybe she’s finally realizing things and becoming herself. Just like she did with Adrian. I hope that’ll become a real thing, but I fear for Sydney denying Adrian all over again, because Zoe has arrived though.

Adrian doesn’t change a lot throughout the books. He seems to have stopped smoking, which is a good thing. I love how he stood by her, even when he was clearly pissed off at her. I also love how he supported her with her magic, he knew it was hard for her, and letting her know he was there for her just did something I think.

I didn’t know what to think of Marcus, and I still kind of don’t. I mean, he seems nice, and he’s clear on what he believes. However, he keeps pushing Sydney to remove her tattoo, and then when she finally did, he immediately pushed her to paint it over too. I think removing her tattoo was a big enough step for her, why push her all over again? On the other side, I understand why he did it. I mean, the Alchemists are clearly lying to Sydney about a lot of things, and staying with them doesn’t end up well, especially if she bonds with the vampires more.

Overall this book was really cool, there were a lot of things I didn’t see coming, which made it even better. I really wonder what will happen now that Zoe has arrived. I’m gonna order the English versions now because my library only has the first three books in Dutch. Really stupid, I know haha

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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Book review: The Golden Lily

Hello all! How are you enjoying this month so far? I’m pretty well on track with my reading (not so hard, it’s only January yet 😛 ), and even blogging on schedule seems to go well!

I read the second book in December, but I didn’t have enough time to review it here on time, so here it is 🙂

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Title: The Golden Lily

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link: The Golden Lily


Summary: The more Sydney Sage is around Jill, Eddie and Adrian (especially Adrian), the more she questions her old beliefs. Apart from the blood-drinking, they seem harmless. When Sonya and Dimitri find out her blood might be the cure for a lot of Strigoi deaths, she’s asked to give up some blood for research, and it makes her world fall apart. Brayden appears in her life, and it’s everything she’s ever wanted: he’s smart, he’s a good talking partner, he prefers the logical things over everything else… But if he is so perfect, why does Adrian always make like seem more fun? While still struggling with that, they discover a secret that may destroy the entire vampire world, and Sydney’s loyalties are tested like never before.

Okay, so WOW, about how to end a book….. If there is ever one book from Richelle Mead that doesn’t make me scream at the ending, I’ll bake y’all a pie haha. Seriously though, this book was (again) amazing. The story flowed through and there were so much storylines, I usually find it a little hard to keep up with them, but this time I didn’t. The storylines were connected to each other, but nothing like each other, which made it a lot easier. Like Brayden, who doesn’t know anything about the whole vampire world, her teacher, who doesn’t really know anyone from her “family”, and of course the thing with Jill, Eddie and Adrian. I was kind of sad I didn’t read more about Dimitri, but on the other hand: I’ve been reading 6 books about him already and I have Adrian now!

Sydney was again, awesome. I am loving how she keeps discovering things when she follows her heart instead of her rules. She’s actually nothing like Rose from the Vampire Academy series, who went head in and thought of everything else later. The funny thing is, as much as I love Rose, I love Sydney too. The way she handles things is amazing and it actually gets her really far. Except from Adrian, but that’s just a thing she still has to discover, I think (I hope).

Off to Adrian and his charming self. In the first book I noticed a little bit that he may like Sydney, but I didn’t know it for sure. This book however, he made it clear enough. The moment where Sydney wears the dress and Brayden only had comments on how it “didn’t fit the style they went in”, Adrian just outright told her she was beautiful. That is the moment my heart went straight to Adrian. He may be bold, but at least he knows how to charm a girl.

Jill and Eddie didn’t play a role as huge as in the first book. Sure they were there, but this book was a lot more about Sydney and her own things to deal with. The annoying thing about Jill is how badly she wanted to model, but she really couldn’t. I mean, I understand it seems really cool when you’re asked to do it, but damn girl, realize it is not possible, please?

Overall this book was awesome, as I kind of expected. I love the things Sydney discovers, and especially how she deals with them. I hope Sydney and Adrian won’t be too much in a problem because I would cry haha 😉

Did you read this book? Tell me what you think! 


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Book review: Bloodlines

Since you all know I have read the Vampire Academy series, review can be found here, and I absolutely loved it. So, I had only one wish: to read the Bloodlines series. I knew they weren’t about Rose and Lissa any more (sadly), but on the other side, Sydney’s story is something I was curious to know too!

Title: Bloodlines

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link: Bloodlines


Summary: Sydney is an alchemist, she and the other alchemists know of the vampire world. The only difference is that they are trying to save humanity from every kind of vampire, even the Moroi. In their eyes, all kinds of vampires are bad. Ever since Sydney came back from helping Rose Hathaway escape prison, her family and the other alchemists think she’s become friends with the vampires -something highly disloyal. When Sydney’s sister Zoë gets called up for something she isn’t ready for, Sydney takes her place. It means living with Lissa’s sister, Jill Manestro on campus of a private school, and making sure she stays hidden from anyone. Together with Keith (another alchemist, someone she really hates), Adrian (a Moroi) and Eddie (a dhampir), she tries to keep Jill off the radar -which is harder than it seems.

Ahhh how I missed this world in the few weeks that I haven’t read about it. I wonder what I’ll do when I read the last book of this series too. Oh well, before that happens I still have 5 more books to go 🙂

This story was off to an interesting start, since I only read about Sydney in the Vampire Academy series, and those were mostly about Rose so Sydney is kind of a whole new person for me. I was really curious about the alchemists and what they do exactly.

First of all, I love Sydney. I already loved her when she was helping Rose through the books, but now I love her even more. She was being all about rules and such, and still bonded with vampires (of which dhampirs and strigoi) to help Rose escape prison, and off with all the rules she had. Now, it’s kind of the same. She is helping Jill, but at the same time befriending her and Adrian, and to be honest, Eddie too. I haven’t read much about the both of them, but I hope I will in the next books

Keith and Lee are assholes. There. I said it. But they are, and I am glad they got what they deserved at the end of the book. I wonder if I’ll see Keith again in the next books, that would surely be interesting to read!

Jill seemed really naïve sometimes, but then I remembered she is technically still a child. She may be princess, but she’s still underage, which explained a lot of her behavior. I think she’ll grow a lot in the books, or at least, I hope so. She is really cool and I think she’ll make good decisions.

Adrian is everything you’d expect from him if you read Vampire Academy. His relationship with Rose is over, so he’s back to smoking, he still drinks a lot (too much, even), and his is charming self. I see something growing between Sydney and Adrian, which is obviously not possible but love overcomes everything in the end, right? 😛 I felt really bad for Adrian at the end of the book (of course, with the last line, Mead strikes again) when Dimitri came in, I wonder how that’ll turn out.

Overall I thought this book was amazing, the story is intriguing, and, of course, it has a lot of plot twists. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Richelle Mead. I’m starting the next book right after I’m done writing this so yay! This will be an interesting series to read 🙂

Did you read this book or the Vampire Academy series? Tell me what you thought!


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Series review: Vampire Academy

Okay I said I read them all once and just couldn’t remember the last three books but maybe I just have never read the last three books because it’s been a while since a book has left me in such shock…

Note: this review contains spoilers!!

Series: Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads links: Vampire academy | Frostbite | Shadow Kiss | Blood Promise | Spirit Bound | Last Sacrifice

I also reviewed the Vampire Academy movie here 🙂

Book 1: Vampire Academy


There are three kind of vampires, the Moroi (full vampire, but mortal), the Strigoi (also full vampire, but the bad kind, immortal, they kill others while feeding) and Dhampirs (half Moroi half human, the protectors of Moroi). Rose Hathaway is a dhampir and her best friend Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi. A Moroi princess, actually. After two years of living outside the school’s walls, they are found and being brought back to St. Vladimir’s Academy. While it should be safe in the school, Strigoi are dangerously close. Because Rose has missed two years of classes when she was away, she gets a personal trainer/tutor: Dimitri Belikov, a super hot Russian guy. When Lissa gets kidnapped by Victor Dashkov, she uses their “spirit bound” to find her and put Victor in prison.

Where other books usually start with teenagers escaping and an adventure begins, this book started with two teenagers being brought back to school and that’s where their adventure began (kind of). I think that’s what really encouraged me to start reading these books in the first place. Besides, how cliché it actually is, vampire stories are awesome. Usually.


Book 2: Frostbite


Because of a Strigoi attack nearby, a ski-trip has been planned and Rose and Lissa find themselves in the snow, far away from the Academy. Sounds fun, but not when Dimitri has his eye on someone else, Mason has a serious crush on Rose, and Rose constantly finds herself in Lissa’s mind (through their spirit bound) while she’s making out with her boyfriend, Christian. She choses for Mason, but her feelings for Dimitri don’t go away that easily, and Adrian Ivashkov also seems to have a particular interest in her. Things go worse when she finds out Mason and two others have ran away to fight Strigoi (who are apparently nearby), and Rose has to pair up with Christian to find them. Once found, she loses Mason in the worst way, and gets her first tattoo’s for killing Strigoi.

This was actually some kind of cliché love-triangle but not really. In some way, it was different from other love triangles and that made it awesome. Also, Rose and Christian pairing up is the best thing ever. What happened to Mason actually made me really sad because I did like him.


Book 3: Shadow Kiss


Realizing why Rose and Lissa have their special bond is both interesting and really devastating. While Lissa can heal others (to an incredible length -she brought Rose back from the dead, meaning Rose is “shadowkissed”), that ability comes with a certain darkness. And through the bond, all the darkness goes to Rose. She starts seeing ghosts and feels angrier, a lot more and faster than usually. She searches all the books she can find about their unique bond, and finds out that one other couple has had this bond, and the shadowkissed one eventually committed suicide because she couldn’t handle the darkness any more. On the better hand, Dimitri finally seems to give in to what he feels for Rose. When Rose gets warned by Mason’s ghost that a huge amount of Strigoi is coming to the gates of the Academy, she and all the others fight against them. They release some of the students the Strigoi had taken with them during the day, but then the unfortunate happens: Dimitri gets kidnapped -and they can’t rescue him. In one day, Rose got everything she wanted, and yet she lost it all again.

THAT ENDING GOT ME SCREAMING. Okay, now that that’s out, I read this book in one sitting, and only noticed how late it had gotten when I finished it. I did know something big was about to happen, but Dimitri being kidnapped was not it. I felt a lot of things throughout reading this book, sad when Rose discovered what the bond between her and Lissa would come to, happy when she and Dimitri finally got together, and then everything was destroyed. I swear, I almost ran to the library (almost -I remembered libraries usually aren’t open at 3am) to get the 4th book.


Book 4: Blood Promise


With the recent Strigoi attack and Dimitri gone, Rose’s life can go two ways: either stay with Lissa (as she had sworn she’d do so many years ago) and forget about Dimitri, or leave Lissa and hunt Dimitri down. They once made each other promise that “if they’d ever turn into a Strigoi they’d kill the other because I’d rather die than become one of those”. The day Rose turns 18, she leaves St. Vladimir’s Academy (and Lissa), and goes on a trip to kill the love of her life. Her instinct brings her to Russia, Dimitri’s home country. There, she meets Sydney Sage, an alchemist, Dimitri’s family, and two other people with Spiritus-Lissa’s ability of magic. She also finds Dimitri, and it’s even scarier than she ever had imagined. It takes her a good while to remember her promise, and before she stakes him, she spends a few weeks remembering the old Dimitri while living with Stigoi-Dimitri.

Okay, I will admit: just like everyone else, I think this wasn’t the best book in the series. On the other hand, Rose traveling through Russia on her own, making some pretty adult decisions and meeting all those new people was pretty exciting. Besides, as it turns out, her meeting all those new people is really important for the last book. Sydney Sage has her own series, Bloodlines (a spin-off) and I’m definitely going to read it. Rose meeting Dimitri’s family was seriously emotional and well-written. When Rose saw Dimitri for the first time as a Strigoi (and for the first time since the attack at the Academy), I gasped in real life. I must say she could’ve handled her time spending with Dimitri better, but it has done a lot for the story instead of just killing Dimitri off.


Book 5: Spirit Bound


 As it turns out, Dimitri is still alive -if you can call it that. And he’s coming for her. In the meantime, Lissa and Rose have passed their final exams and are now living at queen Tatiana’s palace. Rose has finally given up on Dimitri and is now in a relationship with Adrian. But then a rumor makes Rose convince Lissa and Eddie (one of the other students that ran away woth Mason during the ski trip) to come with her and free Victor Dashkov from prison, so he can bring them to their brother Robert Duru. Robert seems to know how to cure a strigoi. After a lot of trouble, they get the information they want in a hotel in Las Vegas, but then suddenly Dimitri turns up and while they fight him off, Victor and Robert manage to escape. Back at the palace, Rose gets punished heavily, meaning doing archiving work and not being able to see Lissa. Meanwhile, now that she knows how, Lissa is determinded to cure Dimitri -by stabbing him in the heart with a stake infused with spirit. Except, she never had to fight anyone, let alone stabbing a strigoi in the heart. When she finally manages how to, and she cures Dimitri, everything seems to go well again. And then back-to-dhampir-Dimitri doesn’t want to see Rose, and she’s arrested for a crime she didn’t even know was possible… The murder on queen Tatiana.

Just when I thought things were going alright THE ENDING AGAIN. I didn’t even think it was possible to cure Dimitri, and then it happened and I didn’t know how to feel because I RELLY wanted Rose to be with him but also Adrian has become so amazing, and I couldn’t make a choice. And then it was made for me by having Dimitri say those things and my heart got broken. This book was a wild ride, I must say and left me once again both wanting and not wanting to read the last book!


Book 6: Last Sacrifice


With Dimitri cured and Rose in prison, everything is happening at once. When Rose escapes prison with the help of Dimitri and Eddie (and Christian and Lissa, who invented the escape plan) during the funeral of Queen Tatiana, they drive up to meet Sydney, who will help her and her friends to get far, far away from the palace. While Rose is away, Lissa is determinded to prove Rose hasn’t murdered the queen, but is also nominated to become the new queen. Except, to become queen, one must have family to vote on her. And that´s one thing Lissa doesn’t have… Or does she? As it turns out, Lissa has a long-lost secret sister, and Rose, Dimitri, Sydney get on searching for her while still hiding from everyone who’s searching for Rose. Dimitri is back to being the tutor she remembers, and it brings all her feelings (that were never really gone anyways) back. However, she still is in a relationship with Adrian, and she doesn’t want to hurt him either. .

Just when you thought you had read everything…. This book came out. So many new plot twists and evrything I had never thought of. While Rose and Lissa were apart in this book too, it’s a lot better than Blood Promise. The storylines go around each other perfectly well and so much is happening al of the time. I’m sort of sad the series has ended with this book, but on the other hand, it’s a pretty perfect ending too. However, I’d love to read more about Lissa and Jill.


Overall: I simply cannot put this simpler: I LOVE this series. The writing is really well, and even with the love triangles (yes, multiple), it’s still full of action and everything you could expect. This is one of the series I wish I could forget and just read for the first time again. The characterization is done really well, and you can really notice Rose become more and more adult-y throughout the books. I love her character, and her relationship (even in the non-love form) with Dimitri.

As for the covers, they could’ve done better but they also cou;d’ve done a lot worse.. The new covers don’t have any images on it and are pretty simple, but I don’t really like those either to be honest. However, they are slightly better than the old covers, because the cover images aren’t how I imagined Rose at all.


On one hand, I’m kinda sad there aren’t made any more movies, but now that I have read the entire series, I don’t think the movies would do the books anything good. The first was pretty okay, but I just have really high standards now haha.

There is an unofficial Vampire Academy series ongoing, the Facebook page is here!


Have you read this series? Please tell me what you thought!


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