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(ARC) Book review: Geekerella

Hey all! I’m back with a book review this time, and I’m really excited to share this one with you! I heard about Geekerella a while ago, and I immediately felt the need to read this book. When I got approved for an ARC I was really honored wanted to start reading right away. Sadly, I was really busy, but I read it anyway! Just over a longer period of time haha 🙂

Title: Geekerella

Author: Ashley Poston

Goodreads link: Geekerella


Summary: Elle is a geeky girl who belongs to a fandom from a show called Starfield. Her dad used to be a huge fan too, before he died. He set up ExcelsiCon, a con for all Starfield lovers, with cosplay contests and more. Sadly for her, she now lives with her stepmom and sisters, who think very less of her. She wants to enter the contest, but the only money she can get is from the tips she gets from her work at The Magic Pumkpin, a fast food truck. The main character in Starfield, Federation Prince Carmindor is played by Darien Freeman. He is not so thrilled with it, since for him, everything is mostly just smiling for hours and hours and awkward meet-and-greets. He does not want to go to ExcelsiCon. That is, until he meets a girl who convinces him through a whole different way to go. Both of them find their way to get trough days and some interesting friendships are made.

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Note: I was provided a digital copy by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to NetGalley and Ashley Poston for this opportunity!

Gosh, I loved everything about this book. From the way everything planned out to the tiny details.

First of all, Elle is amazing. I was hesitant at first because there are already so many retellings of Cinderella, but this geek version was just everything my heart was hoping for. She tries her hardest, but nothing is ever good enough for her stepmom, and to top it off, her stepsisters aren’t exactly her best friends either. The fandom she’s in shows her the love and respect she wants, and it portrays really well what fandoms can do to you.

Darien Freeman is kind of the typical young, arrogant actor you find in books. The only thing that really bothered me is that he doesn’t seem “real”. I’ve heard so many stories from people meeting actors in real life, and also actors themselves sharing some things about the fandom of their show. They care a lot about their fans, and sure, sometimes it is hard to be an actor and to be famous, but I’ve never heard about someone who was as bad as Darien Freeman.

The Magic Pumpkin is another great thing, because it doesn’t seem to fit in the story, yet it’s one of the best things in the entire story. The fact that Elle works in a greasy food truck with someone she doesn’t even know that well, just kind of finishes it for me. Might just be me, though.

The ending is a little bit of what I expected, but at some points I was also just really pleasantly surprised. If you have read the book, please drop me a comment because I need to talk about it!!!

I loved this book a lot, and it reminded me a bit of Fangirl (review here). I like books where fangirls aren’t portrayed as “weird” or “out of place”. I mean, maybe we are a little weird sometimes, but to me, it’s the same as going to a football (or soccer) game. I couldn’t care less about the entire thing, but to some people, it’s the world. Well, for us, that’s fandom. Things such as cons are places where all of us are the same and nothing is too weird or strange. For some people, the fandoms are the only places they can truly be themselves, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Overall, apart for Darien’s moody side, this book was so good and I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s really cute and it definitely belongs to one of my favorite books now!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Please let me know because I’m dying to talk about how good it was!!


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Book review: Bloodlines

Since you all know I have read the Vampire Academy series, review can be found here, and I absolutely loved it. So, I had only one wish: to read the Bloodlines series. I knew they weren’t about Rose and Lissa any more (sadly), but on the other side, Sydney’s story is something I was curious to know too!

Title: Bloodlines

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link: Bloodlines


Summary: Sydney is an alchemist, she and the other alchemists know of the vampire world. The only difference is that they are trying to save humanity from every kind of vampire, even the Moroi. In their eyes, all kinds of vampires are bad. Ever since Sydney came back from helping Rose Hathaway escape prison, her family and the other alchemists think she’s become friends with the vampires -something highly disloyal. When Sydney’s sister Zoë gets called up for something she isn’t ready for, Sydney takes her place. It means living with Lissa’s sister, Jill Manestro on campus of a private school, and making sure she stays hidden from anyone. Together with Keith (another alchemist, someone she really hates), Adrian (a Moroi) and Eddie (a dhampir), she tries to keep Jill off the radar -which is harder than it seems.

Ahhh how I missed this world in the few weeks that I haven’t read about it. I wonder what I’ll do when I read the last book of this series too. Oh well, before that happens I still have 5 more books to go 🙂

This story was off to an interesting start, since I only read about Sydney in the Vampire Academy series, and those were mostly about Rose so Sydney is kind of a whole new person for me. I was really curious about the alchemists and what they do exactly.

First of all, I love Sydney. I already loved her when she was helping Rose through the books, but now I love her even more. She was being all about rules and such, and still bonded with vampires (of which dhampirs and strigoi) to help Rose escape prison, and off with all the rules she had. Now, it’s kind of the same. She is helping Jill, but at the same time befriending her and Adrian, and to be honest, Eddie too. I haven’t read much about the both of them, but I hope I will in the next books

Keith and Lee are assholes. There. I said it. But they are, and I am glad they got what they deserved at the end of the book. I wonder if I’ll see Keith again in the next books, that would surely be interesting to read!

Jill seemed really naïve sometimes, but then I remembered she is technically still a child. She may be princess, but she’s still underage, which explained a lot of her behavior. I think she’ll grow a lot in the books, or at least, I hope so. She is really cool and I think she’ll make good decisions.

Adrian is everything you’d expect from him if you read Vampire Academy. His relationship with Rose is over, so he’s back to smoking, he still drinks a lot (too much, even), and his is charming self. I see something growing between Sydney and Adrian, which is obviously not possible but love overcomes everything in the end, right? 😛 I felt really bad for Adrian at the end of the book (of course, with the last line, Mead strikes again) when Dimitri came in, I wonder how that’ll turn out.

Overall I thought this book was amazing, the story is intriguing, and, of course, it has a lot of plot twists. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Richelle Mead. I’m starting the next book right after I’m done writing this so yay! This will be an interesting series to read 🙂

Did you read this book or the Vampire Academy series? Tell me what you thought!


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Book review: The Boy From The Woods

After all the dystopian and action books, this is a whole other read. It wouldn’t be something I’d pick up, but I found it at the library and it seemed interesting so I thought why the hell not and read it.

Title: The Boy From The Woods

Author: Jen Minkman

Goodreads link: English version // Dutch version


Summary: Julia has a super crush on Michael, the hot guy from school. She’s been pining after him for 2 years, so when they spend the night together after the last school dance, it feels like heaven. However, after that, he seems to have lost interest in her and she feels broken and used. Until he gets into a serious accident. When he wakes up, he seems like a complete different person. He and Julia eventually get together, and he seriously cares for her. Meanwhile, Julia’s sister Anne is hiding a secret, a secret she can’t even tell Julia.

Okay, I’ll admit, at first I thought this was gonna be a really weird book. Since my library doesn’t have a lot of English books I usually read everything in Dutch, but there’s a difference between translated Dutch and original Dutch Young Adult, and usually the originally Dutch Young Adults somehow can’t bring me to like them. This book, however really intrigued me. It took me a while to realize it takes place in Austria, which explains why I couldn’t place the names for anything.

I’ll also admit that I first was convinced Michael had done something to Anne, but that’s because it usually goes like that. I had a hard time trusting him, because of what he had done. What was really wrong with Michael came as a pleasant surprise.

This book was originally Dutch (which is why I’ve added the Dutch Goodreads link), but it’s published in both Dutch and English.

Julia’s age is not mentioned in the book, but the fact that she drinks beer and even blowed one time makes her at least 18 or older (yeah, we still have the 18+ rule and not 21+).

As for the cover, I like the Dutch cover more, because it doesn’t have any real-life people on it. My experience with those kind of covers is that the person on it is supposed to be one of the characters in the book, yet I hardly find myself agreeing with ow they look based on what I read.

Overall this book was surprisingly awesome, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy 🙂

Have you read this book? What do you think?


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Movie review: Passenegrs

So I saw this movie the 24th of December and I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome it actually was.

This review can contain spoilers!

The trailer can be seen here:

Synopsis: The spaceship Avalon is on its journey through space from Earth to the “Homestead Colony”, a supposedly better place to live. It’s a 120 years long journey and everyone on board is in a hibernation sleep, not to be woken up 4 months before arriving their destination. Unfortunately, there are faults in some hibernation pods and two passengers, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) wake up 90 years too early. Together, they have to survive on an empty spaceship with only machines and robots to take care of them, knowing this will be the last place they see before they die.

So, to start, I hadn’t seen the trailer before I went to see the movie, and maybe that’s a good thing because it doesn’t really tell the story. I know most trailers don’t but this movie is a lot better than the trailer makes it seem. As for me, I watched the trailer afterwards and wondered why they put only all the action scenes in it. It makes it seem like there are only explosions and stuff, making it a typical “boy-movie”. But it isn’t.

This movie covers a lot of fears, and sometimes I forgot to breathe because I was so focused on how real it actually seemed. I mean, floating through space to other planets is already something that is realized. The part of moving to another planet isn’t, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if we all would still be living when that happens.

There are things that confuse me though, I mean, it’s a movie so that should be enough explanation, but if this were a real thing happening, I’d handle these situations differently:

  • Why did they assume the hibernation pods couldn’t break? Everything can break. Literally everything.
  • Why didn’t they have any living staff on board? Even when everything goes right, it’s good to always have someone on board. Robots can’t fix everything. I’d have a staff be alive and breathing for at least 10 years, with half of it continuously changing every 5 years. That way, the “old” staff can make sure the “new” staff knows everything and do everything they can in those 10 years. Then, the “old” half can go into hibernation sleep, and a “new” half of the staff awakes, and that goes on and on.
  • At the end, why didn’t Jim and Aurora share the pod? They would’ve both lived by the end of the journey, by taking turns of sleeping for 10 years or so. But maybe that’s done because it’s a movie and it’s gotta have an ending somehow.

The part where Jim goes outside in space for the first time both amazed and scared me. I’m not afraid of a lot of things, but the idea of flying through space and also having no gravity at all? No thank you. Nonetheless, it was quite beautiful.

Another thing I want to point out is how this movie dealt with the thing never seeing anyone you know ever again because I don’t think I could just do that. Both Jim and Aurora had their tough phases but when they started to realize they were stuck, and decided to make the best out of it was really cool.

Overall this movie was really awesome, and I’d recommend it to everyone.

Have you seen this movie? Please tell me you thought it was as awesome as I did!


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Book review: Champion (Legend 3)

Ah, the finish of the series. And such a series I haven’t read in a while. For some reason I didn’t really read any dystopian books lately, but I seem to have found my way back to them again 🙂

Review of Legend can be found here

Review of Prodigy can be found here

Title: Champion

Author: Marie Lu

Goodreads link: Champion


Summary: June and Day haven’t spoken or seen each other in months. June is now a candidate Princeps-Elect, safe and well. Day has been assigned a high military position, living somewhere else with his little brother Eden. The first time they see each other again (at a fancy dinner on request of Anden, the Elector), he’s asked to give up the one thing he’s still fighting for. And then the Colonies attack, leaving them with only a few options. In the meantime, Day’s condition is getting worse and worse.

Okay the ending, oh my god the ending the ending the ending. Always the ending. But, I’ll start with the beginning. I was really curious what would happen after Prodigy ended, I mean, there were quite some mysteries solved, but the attack on the Elector wasn’t something that could be just ignored.

June had to make some really hard decisions in this book, and I think she did really well. She knew she wouldn’t be Princeps-Elect, because the other two were much better than her. She has her strong points, but ruling a country is not one. The fact that she admitted that was truly awesome.

I was really happy for Day in the beginning, he had his brother, he had a house, pretty much almost everything he needed. Except for June, but that was kind of his own fault. Throughout the book he really pushed himself to his limits, which wasn’t the smartest thing to do since he was dying already. The “fight” he had with Eden was really cool, since I was hoping Eden would make his own choice to save the country. He’s strong enough to make his own decisions. Eden is another personage I’d love to read more about.

Tess didn’t appear as much in this book as the previous ones, which is fine. She’s grown, had to deal with death and the way she now thinks about Day and June makes her even more awesome.

Overall this book was amazing, this was just one of those series where it gets better with each book. As for the ending, oh god I hated it, but on the other hand, I could’ve expected it too. I would love to read what happens after Champion, but the ending of the series was also perfect and I don’t want another book to ruin it haha.

And how do you feel about this book? And the entire series? Let me know!


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Book review: Prodigy (Legend 2)

Back again with another review! I had originally intended to review this as a whole series (like I did with Vampire Academy, which you can read here), but since I only decided I’d read two series in December, that would turn out as a total of 2 blog posts, and yeah.. that’s not so much. Also, I’ve found that I feel less rushed to read the books when I review them separately and I remember a lot more if I write my review as soon as I finished the book. So, here’s my review for Prodigy!

Review of Legend can be found here

Title: Prodigy

Author: Marie Lu

Goodreads link: Prodigy

After reading the first book, I got really curious as for what happens in the next one, and I must say, I am not disappointed.


Summary: It’s been 7 days since June and Day (barely) escaped the Republic. y days since Day’s brother was executed instead of Day, making everyone believe he died. with nowhere to go, they turn to the rebellions of the Republic, the Patriots. They join, but only on one condition: to help the Patriots bring down the Republic. But will it work when June and Day hear how the Patriots are planning it?

This book was even better than the first one! Even though the love triangle was still there, with Tess and June and Day, it somehow had more plot than the first. At some points I just wanted June and Day to be able to communicate -especially after what June had heard from Anden about Day’s little brother. And sometimes, I loved it when they were away from each other, making their own decisions.

Where in the first book June was obviously spoiled, she sometimes still acts like it in the second book, but not as much. I think she’s finally realizing life isn’t always perfect for everyone. Day kept being awesome, except I think it’s a little too early to tell June he loves her. Unless people actually know that after a month already. Except for the ending of the book he was regularly cool. I mean yeah I understand that when you know you’re gonna die you want people to care as little about you as possible, but still, it hurt.

As for Tess, I don’t know what to think about her. She was still awesome, because she’s Tess, but on the other hand her jealousy kind of bothered me. I mean, sure, I understand it’s annoying when the guy you’ve been with for so long suddenly has eyes for another girl, but they weren’t even together together. I really hope she and Day won’t become a couple in the third book because then I’m really going to murder someone haha

The cover is still not really something that stands out, however this one kind of reminds me of the mocking jay from the Hunger Games. Which is ironic, because both books end with forced peace.

Overall I loved this book, it follows up to the first book really well and I can’t wait till I finish the third one!

And what do you think? Do you like this series so far? 


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Book review: Legend (Legend 1)

Second series I wanted to finish in December, and I must say, it’s going quite well. Maybe it’s because I just loved this book, making me curious what happens in the next one.

Title: Legend

Author: Marie Lu

Goodreads link: Legend


I have read this book before, I just didn’t read the next two. And, much like other series I’ve started and never ended, I didn’t even remember what happened, so that called for a reread!


Summary: What used to be the west of the United States of America is now called the Republic. June is a 15-year-old girl, and a prodigy, She’s the Republic’s favorite, and she knows she is. Day, on the other hand, is also 15, and the most-wanted criminal of the Republic. When he gets accused for the murder on June’s brother, June promises she’ll find him and kill him for what he did.

I thought this was a great book. I know it is a dystopian book, and, to be really honest, almost all dystopian books are the same. The same plot, the same love triangle, the same everything. However, somehow this one was slightly different. The love at the first sight was there (which I actually can’t really stand because who falls in love when just seeing someone??), but Day did have his own (very good) reasons for doing what he did.

June was a little bit too spoiled sometimes, which kind of bothered me. Even with her life as prodigy, she didn’t have her parents when she grew up. But that could be just me.

I would love to read more about Tess though, she is a lovely character and the way she handles things makes me want to know more about her! Day and she are the best together, and even though they’re living on the streets, they seem to get out the best in everyone.

As for the cover, it doesn’t really bring out much in my opinion. It isn’t as bad as some other covers, but it’s something I’d look at and think wow I need to read that!

Overall, it was a pretty awesome book and I’m definitely reading the second one!

And what do you think? Do you like this series?


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Series review: Vampire Academy

Okay I said I read them all once and just couldn’t remember the last three books but maybe I just have never read the last three books because it’s been a while since a book has left me in such shock…

Note: this review contains spoilers!!

Series: Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads links: Vampire academy | Frostbite | Shadow Kiss | Blood Promise | Spirit Bound | Last Sacrifice

I also reviewed the Vampire Academy movie here 🙂

Book 1: Vampire Academy


There are three kind of vampires, the Moroi (full vampire, but mortal), the Strigoi (also full vampire, but the bad kind, immortal, they kill others while feeding) and Dhampirs (half Moroi half human, the protectors of Moroi). Rose Hathaway is a dhampir and her best friend Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi. A Moroi princess, actually. After two years of living outside the school’s walls, they are found and being brought back to St. Vladimir’s Academy. While it should be safe in the school, Strigoi are dangerously close. Because Rose has missed two years of classes when she was away, she gets a personal trainer/tutor: Dimitri Belikov, a super hot Russian guy. When Lissa gets kidnapped by Victor Dashkov, she uses their “spirit bound” to find her and put Victor in prison.

Where other books usually start with teenagers escaping and an adventure begins, this book started with two teenagers being brought back to school and that’s where their adventure began (kind of). I think that’s what really encouraged me to start reading these books in the first place. Besides, how cliché it actually is, vampire stories are awesome. Usually.


Book 2: Frostbite


Because of a Strigoi attack nearby, a ski-trip has been planned and Rose and Lissa find themselves in the snow, far away from the Academy. Sounds fun, but not when Dimitri has his eye on someone else, Mason has a serious crush on Rose, and Rose constantly finds herself in Lissa’s mind (through their spirit bound) while she’s making out with her boyfriend, Christian. She choses for Mason, but her feelings for Dimitri don’t go away that easily, and Adrian Ivashkov also seems to have a particular interest in her. Things go worse when she finds out Mason and two others have ran away to fight Strigoi (who are apparently nearby), and Rose has to pair up with Christian to find them. Once found, she loses Mason in the worst way, and gets her first tattoo’s for killing Strigoi.

This was actually some kind of cliché love-triangle but not really. In some way, it was different from other love triangles and that made it awesome. Also, Rose and Christian pairing up is the best thing ever. What happened to Mason actually made me really sad because I did like him.


Book 3: Shadow Kiss


Realizing why Rose and Lissa have their special bond is both interesting and really devastating. While Lissa can heal others (to an incredible length -she brought Rose back from the dead, meaning Rose is “shadowkissed”), that ability comes with a certain darkness. And through the bond, all the darkness goes to Rose. She starts seeing ghosts and feels angrier, a lot more and faster than usually. She searches all the books she can find about their unique bond, and finds out that one other couple has had this bond, and the shadowkissed one eventually committed suicide because she couldn’t handle the darkness any more. On the better hand, Dimitri finally seems to give in to what he feels for Rose. When Rose gets warned by Mason’s ghost that a huge amount of Strigoi is coming to the gates of the Academy, she and all the others fight against them. They release some of the students the Strigoi had taken with them during the day, but then the unfortunate happens: Dimitri gets kidnapped -and they can’t rescue him. In one day, Rose got everything she wanted, and yet she lost it all again.

THAT ENDING GOT ME SCREAMING. Okay, now that that’s out, I read this book in one sitting, and only noticed how late it had gotten when I finished it. I did know something big was about to happen, but Dimitri being kidnapped was not it. I felt a lot of things throughout reading this book, sad when Rose discovered what the bond between her and Lissa would come to, happy when she and Dimitri finally got together, and then everything was destroyed. I swear, I almost ran to the library (almost -I remembered libraries usually aren’t open at 3am) to get the 4th book.


Book 4: Blood Promise


With the recent Strigoi attack and Dimitri gone, Rose’s life can go two ways: either stay with Lissa (as she had sworn she’d do so many years ago) and forget about Dimitri, or leave Lissa and hunt Dimitri down. They once made each other promise that “if they’d ever turn into a Strigoi they’d kill the other because I’d rather die than become one of those”. The day Rose turns 18, she leaves St. Vladimir’s Academy (and Lissa), and goes on a trip to kill the love of her life. Her instinct brings her to Russia, Dimitri’s home country. There, she meets Sydney Sage, an alchemist, Dimitri’s family, and two other people with Spiritus-Lissa’s ability of magic. She also finds Dimitri, and it’s even scarier than she ever had imagined. It takes her a good while to remember her promise, and before she stakes him, she spends a few weeks remembering the old Dimitri while living with Stigoi-Dimitri.

Okay, I will admit: just like everyone else, I think this wasn’t the best book in the series. On the other hand, Rose traveling through Russia on her own, making some pretty adult decisions and meeting all those new people was pretty exciting. Besides, as it turns out, her meeting all those new people is really important for the last book. Sydney Sage has her own series, Bloodlines (a spin-off) and I’m definitely going to read it. Rose meeting Dimitri’s family was seriously emotional and well-written. When Rose saw Dimitri for the first time as a Strigoi (and for the first time since the attack at the Academy), I gasped in real life. I must say she could’ve handled her time spending with Dimitri better, but it has done a lot for the story instead of just killing Dimitri off.


Book 5: Spirit Bound


 As it turns out, Dimitri is still alive -if you can call it that. And he’s coming for her. In the meantime, Lissa and Rose have passed their final exams and are now living at queen Tatiana’s palace. Rose has finally given up on Dimitri and is now in a relationship with Adrian. But then a rumor makes Rose convince Lissa and Eddie (one of the other students that ran away woth Mason during the ski trip) to come with her and free Victor Dashkov from prison, so he can bring them to their brother Robert Duru. Robert seems to know how to cure a strigoi. After a lot of trouble, they get the information they want in a hotel in Las Vegas, but then suddenly Dimitri turns up and while they fight him off, Victor and Robert manage to escape. Back at the palace, Rose gets punished heavily, meaning doing archiving work and not being able to see Lissa. Meanwhile, now that she knows how, Lissa is determinded to cure Dimitri -by stabbing him in the heart with a stake infused with spirit. Except, she never had to fight anyone, let alone stabbing a strigoi in the heart. When she finally manages how to, and she cures Dimitri, everything seems to go well again. And then back-to-dhampir-Dimitri doesn’t want to see Rose, and she’s arrested for a crime she didn’t even know was possible… The murder on queen Tatiana.

Just when I thought things were going alright THE ENDING AGAIN. I didn’t even think it was possible to cure Dimitri, and then it happened and I didn’t know how to feel because I RELLY wanted Rose to be with him but also Adrian has become so amazing, and I couldn’t make a choice. And then it was made for me by having Dimitri say those things and my heart got broken. This book was a wild ride, I must say and left me once again both wanting and not wanting to read the last book!


Book 6: Last Sacrifice


With Dimitri cured and Rose in prison, everything is happening at once. When Rose escapes prison with the help of Dimitri and Eddie (and Christian and Lissa, who invented the escape plan) during the funeral of Queen Tatiana, they drive up to meet Sydney, who will help her and her friends to get far, far away from the palace. While Rose is away, Lissa is determinded to prove Rose hasn’t murdered the queen, but is also nominated to become the new queen. Except, to become queen, one must have family to vote on her. And that´s one thing Lissa doesn’t have… Or does she? As it turns out, Lissa has a long-lost secret sister, and Rose, Dimitri, Sydney get on searching for her while still hiding from everyone who’s searching for Rose. Dimitri is back to being the tutor she remembers, and it brings all her feelings (that were never really gone anyways) back. However, she still is in a relationship with Adrian, and she doesn’t want to hurt him either. .

Just when you thought you had read everything…. This book came out. So many new plot twists and evrything I had never thought of. While Rose and Lissa were apart in this book too, it’s a lot better than Blood Promise. The storylines go around each other perfectly well and so much is happening al of the time. I’m sort of sad the series has ended with this book, but on the other hand, it’s a pretty perfect ending too. However, I’d love to read more about Lissa and Jill.


Overall: I simply cannot put this simpler: I LOVE this series. The writing is really well, and even with the love triangles (yes, multiple), it’s still full of action and everything you could expect. This is one of the series I wish I could forget and just read for the first time again. The characterization is done really well, and you can really notice Rose become more and more adult-y throughout the books. I love her character, and her relationship (even in the non-love form) with Dimitri.

As for the covers, they could’ve done better but they also cou;d’ve done a lot worse.. The new covers don’t have any images on it and are pretty simple, but I don’t really like those either to be honest. However, they are slightly better than the old covers, because the cover images aren’t how I imagined Rose at all.


On one hand, I’m kinda sad there aren’t made any more movies, but now that I have read the entire series, I don’t think the movies would do the books anything good. The first was pretty okay, but I just have really high standards now haha.

There is an unofficial Vampire Academy series ongoing, the Facebook page is here!


Have you read this series? Please tell me what you thought!


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Beyond the Books – November

Hello! It’s December already, is it just me or does this year seem to fly by?

This wonderful idea is brought to you by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much. Go give her a follow!


  • As for TV I continued watching Breaking Bad but there’s so much dialogue, I can’t concentrate on it anymore! We usually watch it at late evenings or night and at that point I’m already tired from the day so yeah we kind of paused that
  • We did start Mr. Robot, which is a really nice series but it is starting to get weirder and weirder. Unlike Breaking Bad, this series doesn’t have a lot of dialogue. What it does have a lot is monologue haha.
  • I’m still watching Once Upon A Time, and oh my god all the plot twists! I’ll try to avoid giving any spoilers but if you watch it, please tell me!



This month I actually didn’t watch any movies, shocking, I know 😛 I was busier with sleeping and actually reading books again, so maybe next month!



Even my nails didn’t get a lot of attention! I did do some art, and even though it was only November, I was already in the Christmas spirit haha



I recently got obsessed with Hammerfall again (mainly because it’s the first upcoming concert YAY) and I reviewed the new Green Day album, Revolution Radio, which you can view here.

And that’s already it! To be honest, December can go by fast af for me, I don’t really celebrate Christmas (got invited at my boyfriend’s parents though so that’s nice), and I just really want to be done with 2016 already.

How was this month for you?


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Music review: Revolution Radio

I’ve always had a dream of running a blog where I would have a weekly album review on Sunday… I might actually do just that 🙂


On October 7th 2016, something magical happened: Green Day released a new album called Revolution Radio. It has been 4 years since the last albums in 2012, Uno, Dos, and Tré. The single Bang Bang was released on August 11th, before the album title was even revealed. The tracks Revolution Radio and Still Breathing were already released throughout September, getting all the fans enthusiastic. It sounded like the “old Green Day”, like the way they sounded on the album American Idiot. I, too, got really excited for the new album. Not because I only like the old Green Day (I love everything about them to be honest), but also because a new album was not only really awesome but also meant a new tour.

From Left to Right: Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong and Tré Cool

Track list:

  1.  Somewhere Now
  2. Bang Bang
  3. Revolution Radio
  4. Say Goodbye
  5. Outlaws
  6. Bouncing Off The Wall
  7. Still Breathing
  8. Youngbloood
  9. Too Dumb To Die
  10. Troubled Times
  11. Forever Now
  12. Ordinary World

This album is a lot different from the previous trilogy, and it actually does sound a lot more like American Idiot. However, it’s not the same. American Idiot is a lot angrier, and while Revolution Radio still has an important message in it, the way it is addressed has changed.

As lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong said, the album is meant to reflect the current state of violence in the United States. Bang Bang is is about “the culture of mass shooting that happens in America mixed with narcissistic social media.”

As for the songs, some are the hard rock we know from Green Day, and some (like Ordinary World) are just beautiful and slow. That doesn’t take away the power they have though. They really put their energy into this album and they did a wonderful job on it.

My favorite songs on the album are Still Breathing and Revolution Radio. The energy I get from Revolution Radio is amazing, and the lyrics from Still Breathing get me every time. My favorite songs can change though, it happens a lot.

Now, as I was expecting: a new album meant another tour and they’re finally coming to my country (The Netherlands) again! The last time they were here was in 2013, on Pinkpop. Sadly, I was not allowed to go to concerts back then 😦  The day of ticket sale I sat behind my laptop 15 minutes before it began, all ready to fight for those tickets. And, good news, I got them!!


I have been a fan of Green Day since I was about 12 years old so this is like a dream coming true, I am already so excited for January 31st 😀 3 more months now!

Have you heard the album? What do you think? Do you have favorite songs? Or do you want me to review a specific album? Tell me in the comments! 🙂 


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