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Top 5 Wednesday: Series that got better

Getting back on track and trying to write my reviews for the three books I’ve read in the next few days! There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment so I do not expect a lot, but I should be able to have at least one review up by the weekend. Note: as I’m typing this, it’s Wednesday night (and it’s 3am oops), and just a day ago on Tuesday I have broken up with my (now ex) boyfriend so I’m not really completely back from that yet.

The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

— We’ve talked about series that went downhill with each book, but talk about series that are worth pushing through the first (or first few…) books to get to the good stuff!

This will be quite a hard one because usually when I read series, I like all the books! However, I did manage to find some πŸ™‚


1. Legend series by Marie Lu

Gods, I loved this series with the first book, but the second and third were even better! Although there was a little bit of a love triangle, not much happened at that point, which was amazing!


2. Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead

Ahhh of course, Richelle Mead in the list. I absolutely adored the first book, but when this series went on it just got better and better and better. So many new things were happening and it was so good! I still have to finish it someday but I since I recently bought both Vampire Acacademy and Bloodlines, I might as well start them all over again :p


3. Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa

While this series also started off great, much more things happened when this series continued. I’m still sad that this series ended after three books though


4. Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

I must admit, when I first started reading Shatter Me, I honestly didn’t know what to think of it. A girl who can’t touch anyone…. but one person? Who she also seems to hate??? Or not???? However, as the books went on the plot got better and better


5. Penryn and the End of Days series by Susan Ee

Although I haven’t read this series yet (still missing the third book), this is another great series with a great start and a great middle and as far as I know, a great ending. There is actually no love triangle so far so that’s an amazing thing


Honorary mention: Percy Jackson series (and everything else) by Rick Riordan

This is honorary because I already had 5, but also because I didn’t like any other book more than the first one, it’s just that they all are so great! Seriously I can’t tell you enough how much I adore the entire Percy Jackson world ❀


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Book review: World After (Penryn & The End Of Days 2)

It’s been a while, but I have another book review ready for you!

Read my review ofΒ Angelfall here

Title: World After

Author: Susan Ee

Goodreads link: World After


Summary:Β Penryn just has her sister Paige back when she disappears again. People think she’s a monster, and Penryn’s mom is heartbroken. When Penryn drives around, looking for Paige, she catches sight of the angel’s plan, and how far they’re willing to go to achieve it. In the meantime, Raffe is still searching, hunting for his wings. He needs them to take his rightful place among the angels. But what will he choose when it comes between capturing his wings or helping Penryn?

Buy this book hereΒ πŸ™‚

First of all, after finishing the first book, I didn’t think Penryn and Raffe would ever see each other again, and yet again, I was surprised! This book took a really different turn than I expected, I must say. I still loved it though πŸ™‚

Penryn has only become more awesome, as far as dealing with a little sister-become-monster and a schizophrenic mother goes. She deals with a lot of things, and her reactions are better than I expected. In her place, I probably would have panicked a lot!

Raffe is someone who doesn’t really show up until somewhere around the end, and I was completely surprised as I thought we had seen the last of him in book one. In my imagination, he looks amazing with his black demon-ish wings… His mature decision to not kiss Penryn at all hurt me a little in the chest, but I understood it and I’m glad too. These books aren’t made for a sappy love story.

Paige is someone I don’t know what to think about. In the first book, she was a helpless little girl, kidnapped by angels. Now, she’s become a monster, a runaway monster, to be exact. I hope we’ll see more of her in the third book. Same goes for Penryn’s mom, I actually think she’s kind of awesome with the way she deals with things. She’s the only one who would write with lipstick on a dead man’s chest.

The twins also keep surprising me, I am almost thinking they have a 6th sense for knowing when and where they’re needed. I hope to see those twins returning in book three.

Overall, this book was amazing, and it got me really excited for book three. The something between Penryn and Raffe is kinda frustrating, I want them to be together but I also don’t want it, because I’m afraid it’ll turn into one of those typical forbidden love stories, you feel me? πŸ˜› Β Sadly, my library doesn’t have book three and it annoys the hell out of me. I hope to get it somewhere soon.

Buy this book here!

Did you read this book? Or the third? What am I missing out on? Nah, don’t spoil it for me πŸ˜› Tell me if you thought this book was awesome too, or if not, why?


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Book review: Angelfall (Penryn & The End Of Days 1)

Ahhhh bloody internet keeps doing stupid, and it bothers me so much 😦

Title: Angelfall

Author: Susan Ee

Goodreads link: Angelfall


Summary: When, six weeks after the apocalypse, Penryn, her helpless sister and her mother try to escape their home, they “stumble” across the angels. The angels of the apocalypse. They seem to be fighting, and one of them has been cut from his wings and left for dead. Penryn honestly couldn’t care less (except that the limbs and feathers of angels have a high price to sell them for), till the other angels take her little sister with them. Penryn recues the dying angel on the street and forces him to bring her to her sister.

I’ve read this book before, andΒ for some reason I kept not being able to read further than the first chapters. Now, I wonder what happened, because this book is awesome! It took so many different turns that at one point I didn’t know what to expect any more.

The setting sometimes reminded me of the series The Walking Dead (especially in the camp, halway through the book), which is pretty cool. Except that that series is about zombies and this one about angels and apocalypse.

This is one of the first books I’ve read where there is no secret “I’d give up anything for you but no one can know” love, and that’s the good thing. Penryn and Raffe are not together, and it goes so well. I mean, at some point Penryn must hav realized Raffe is pretty hot and all, but the fact that they couldn’t stand each other was just the best. Somehow, that made the book even better.

It was refreshing to actually read a book about all of this without a love triangle, and, if you round it up, there wasn’t love at all.

Raffe is a really interesting character, because he may be an angel and all, but once his wings were cut off, he was practically helpless. In fact, he was dying. And he was only a little bit arrogant.

Penryn is someone I could easily be. If someone took my little sister, I’d hunt them down over the entire world if I had to, but I would’ve brought her back. She’s also pretty smart, which was good because if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s books where girls are portrayed as helpless. And a lot of books seem to not have that, except that the secret is that the girl acts tough but is still helpless. Penryn could easily manage a lot, and it made her awesome.

Overall, this book was pretty amazing, and I keep thinking that if I’d had pushed through, I could’ve read this a whole lot earlier… Oh well. As I am typing this, I have gotten the second part of this series (is there a 3rd part? I don’t know, actually), which I’ll start hopefully soon! πŸ™‚

Buy this book here!

Have you read this book? Tell me what you thought!


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