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T5W: Books you didn’t get to in 2017

Hey there! As promised, another T5W. The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

These are books you didn’t end up getting to in 2017, but really want to prioritize in 2018

1. The Hate U Give

I’ve heard so many good things about this book and I already have it at home, but I just haven’t read it. Which I do feel bad about, since I’ve been wanting to read it ever since it came out xD

2. The Raven Cycle


Technically not a book, but hey, let’s be real.. when am I ever holding back when it comes to books I want to read… I do finally have the whole series complete though, so I’m ready to be swallowed up in the whole world of the Raven Cycle!

3. Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Ahhh I was so enthusiastic about this book when I heard about it! And I’m a huge Marissa Meyer fan in general so that works too. I picked it up at the bookstore late December so that’s quite a good excuse as for why I haven’t read it yet.

4. Wayfarers by Becky Chambers


I’ve heard so many good things about this duology and I’m so excited to start it… I just haven’t yet xD shame on me

5. The Talon Saga by Julie Kagawa

Last but not least… Another favorite author. I secretly already wanted the books before I even knew what they were about, because let’s be real, those covers look amazing on any bookshelf. There’s a 4th part that’s not on the picture, and a 5th part coming soon<3
Have you read any of these books? Or do you want to? Let me know!


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Top 5 Wednesday: Books That Aren’t Set In/Inspired By The Western World

And now for the t5w for this week!

The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

–I know this is a long title, but I couldn’t figure out how else to word it and still get the point across. Talk about books that are set outside of the Western World (so outside of North America and Western Europe) or if they are SFF, books that aren’t inspired by those places (so no medieval setting fantasy!) 

1. The Lunar Chronicles

Of course I’d start with TLC because I LOVE the series! This series starts in New Bejing, and the second book is set in France, and between France and China there’s some flying in outer space 🙂

2. The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner takes place in Afghanistan, and I have yet to read it but I don’t have it at home so yeah. I will read it, I promise. 3. Any Scandinavian Thriller

3. Any Scandinavian thriller

I have no idea if Scandinavian books are set in the Western World  actually, which is why I named it like this. I love these books though, they’re a lot better than American thrillers (in my opinion!)


I can absolutely not think of any other books that aren’t set in the Western World, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!


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Book review: Heartless

Oh wow! I’ve read this book such a while ago, I forgot I hadn’t reviewed it yet! Such a shame, because I absolutely loved this book.

Title: Heartless

Author: Marissa Meyer

Goodreads link // Book Depository


Summary: Catherine Pinkerton lives in Wonderland, a land where anything is possible. Anything, except what Cath wants for her own future, it seems. She wants to open her own shop and bake pastries every day. Too bad, the unmarried king has his eyes set on her, and Cath’s mother would nothing more than for her daughter to be queen. Then, Jest comes along. He is a simple joker, arrived for entertainment, but as it turns out, he is so much more than that. No matter how much Cath wants to choose her own destiny, fate has other plans for her.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Now that that’s done, I can humanly write the rest of this review. This book was hyped up a lot – another story about Wonderland? About the origins of the Queen of Hearts? Written by Meyer, famous for the Lunar Chronicles? Would it live up the hype? Yes. Yes, it did.

I must admit, while I usually wouldn’t trust other people’s reviews as much, this time I checked them. The only thing about Wonderland I ever known of was about the Alice in Wonderland movie (which is so good by the way), and the latest movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass (review here) and that was about it. A lot of people had read books and more books about it, so they knew a lot more about the whole Wonderland world. I must say, the reviews were mixed, and it scared me a little. Of course, not everything could be in perfect harmony with the original created world, but some people were really negative.

However, when I started reading myself, I was hooked immediately. I had actually been in a tiny reading slump, and this book just encouraged me to keep reading. In fact, it’s been the first book in more than a year that I was willing to give up my sleep for (I used to be a huge insomniac but now I prefer sleep over basically anything).

Cath is a character I sometimes loved, and sometimes just couldn’t stand. I read Cait’s review (you can find her over here at PaperFury!), and I’ll just quote this line of her review on Goodreads:

The entire plot of Heartless is: a spineless whiney girl tries to avoid marrying the king but not by doing anything active, just by whining about it in her room a lot.

Which, I sadly agree quite a lot with. Cath is someone who knows what she wants, she has planned it for as much as possible, but she simply doesn’t do anything after that. Now, I don’t fully agree with said line above, because it can suck when your parents have an entire different future planned for you, but she honestly didn’t say anything until it was already too late!

Mary Ann, Cath’s handmaid and best friend is a whole other thing. She is as encouraged to start the shop with Cath, but still is only a handmaid. She tries to keep Cath away from danger a lot too, but sadly, it doesn’t always work.

The King of Hearts is a kind hearted man, looking for a wife, and who would be better than Cath? (Well, I could name a few people, personally) He tries to woo her, and even though it;s not working quite as well as he hopes, he keeps trying. Which, in one way touched me a little and on the other hand annoyed me a bit. When someone is not interested in becoming your wife, you should just stop trying in my opinion. Then again, Cath didn’t show it that well either, she was just way too busy with Jest to pay any attention to the king, and the king was probably way too busy imagining their future together to pay attention to how Cath was really feeling.

And then there’s Jest. The Joker. The oh so charming guy who just seemed to come along at the right moment. Okay, I’ll admit, if someone like him came to me in Wonderland, I’d go with him too. He seemed incredibly nice, caring, and of course funny (how else would you become a Joker?). He was secretive about where he came from for a long time though, which I understand but it’s also a bit unfair. He also should’ve cared more about what would happen if anyone found out what he and Cath were doing (that sounded worse than I meant, oops), but he was also probably too busy fainting over Cath and at the same time wondering how he’d get his own plan to work out.

The Mad Hatter was someone I loved so much, especially after the Alice Through The Looking Glass movie. He seemed so okay (for Wonderland standards) in the beginning and then it became really clear how he went to be the Mad Hatter. I felt sorry for him a lot, actually.

Last but not least, Cheshire Cat, most likely to be my favorite character in the entire book. And not just because he’s a cat (but maybe a little 😛 ), he was actually a smart (person? cat? I have no idea what to call him) character, and thought longer before doing anything stupid (except sneakily trying to eat an entire cake at once). He gave Cath a lot of advice (which she ignored nonetheless) and besides being sarcastic, he did care.

photo_2017-06-25_00-32-31 This is me right now, enjoying a huge cup of tea while writing this review. Simply for the purpose of finishing it, and then diving into bed all warm and fuzzy yay! It might be a liiiitle after bed time for me (I’m kidding, I moved out a few months ago I don’t have a bed time any more).

Overall I just simply loved this book, even with Cath annoying me. The entire story, the not knowing what would happen till one of the last chapters, it just all did it for me and I cannot tell you enough how much I want this book to be on my shelf. Sadly, I really dislike the paperback cover(s) and the hardcover is so expensive 😦 But maybe one day!!

Did you read this book? Do you think it lived up to the hype? Why (not)? Is it just us who were annoyed by Cath? Please tell me in the comments, I love to chat with you!


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Book review: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles 2)

Hello there! I’ve had a quite busy week, and my internet is acting all crappy so a lot of posts will probably be posted somewhere around this weekend (I hope), when everything’s good again. My drafts won’t save sometimes, images won’t upload, and my posts also fail to publish, so I’m wondering how this will go. However, I read Scarlet (a week ago already), and I absolutely loved it!

Read my review of Cinder here

Title: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer

Goodreads link: Scarlet


Summary: Scarlet Benoit’s grand-mère has gone missing, and Scarlet is sure she can get her back.She teams up with Wolf, a street fighter who might have more information. However nice he seems, sometimes he acts all weird but Scarlet would do anything to get her grand-mère back. Meanwhile, at the other side of the world, Cinder is unraveling another mystery concerning the Lunar queen Levana and the lost princess. When Cinder and Scarlet cross paths, a lot becomes clear. Now, the only thing they have to do is so stay ahead of Queen Levana, who’s attacking all over the kingdom to force Prince Kai to marry her.

Oh man, this book was even better than the first one. Throughout the book I hoped Cinder and Scarlet would meet soon, but when they finally did, the setting made it the most perfect moment of all.

Scarlet could very well be me, and even though she doesn’t make the smartest decisions sometimes, she’s quite the girl. She knows when to push buttons and I loved what she did to get her grand-mère.

Wolf was a weird character in the beginning, I didn’t really know what to think of him and he didn’t exactly seem nice either. However, he helped Scarlet and that seemed enough. Keyword: seemed. After a while, I began to understand what the whole thing was with Wolf and his moments, and it bothered me a little bit that Scarlet didn’t seem to get it at all… However, they’re cute together!

Cinder got all awesome with her new hand, and the way she handled things. I actually laughed out loud sometimes, when she reacted to something Thorne said when it was completely obvious he didn’t mean it or something.

Thorne is a whole other kind of character, and I loved him right from the beginning. He knew how to deal with Cinder, and he’s funny and I kind of want Cinder and Thorne together..

Another thing is Queen Levana, after reading this book I got really curious for her story, what happened exactly that made her this way?

Overall, this book was amazing and even if you didn’t like Cinder, I’d recommend this one. Unlike a lot of other series, this book is totally different from the first one, mainly because the main characters are completely different!

Have you read this book or series? Tell me, do the other books also get better and better? 


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Book review: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles 1)

I read this book in almost one sitting, because I had to work in between reading 😛

Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Goodreads link: Cinder


Summary: Cinder is a cyborg, gifted with mechanic skills. She became a cyborg around the age of 11, and she doesn’t remember anything about her life before that.The only thing she knows is that she came from somewhere in Europe and soon after her stepfather adopted her, he died. She now lives with her stepmother, Adri, and stepsisters, Pearl and Peony. She works, but the income goes directly to Adri, and other than that, she is mostly used for fixing things. Peony is the only one who actually likes and talks to Cinder. Luckily, Cinder has her android Iko, who gets her through everything. When one day she comes in contact with Prince Kai, Cinder knows there is a spark between them, but denies it. She is just a cyborg and he is the Prince, about to be emperor. Besides, Prince Kai’s father is currently dying of letumosis, an illness with no cure. When Peony gets infected too, Adri blames Cinder and sends her to the lab of the palace to have her checked. There, they discover a secret about her. A secret that could get her killed.

I’ve read this book before (as I have with many) and I didn’t remember anything of it (as I have with many 😛 ) so I decided it was time for a reread. And man, what a reread it was. This book was really awesome, even though I remembered the huge plot twist at the end of the book.

Cinder is amazing, and I have lots of respect for her. The way she dealt with things was almost exactly how I’d have reacted in some situations. When Peony got sick, I actually felt my heart break because I knew how this would end.

Prince Kai handled things really well, even after the death of his father. I didn’t agree with his decisions at the end of the book (of course), but other than that, I’m glad he actually kissed her. I actually almost felt sorry for him when Cinder kept denying his invitations for the royal ball, it was sad haha.

Iko is something I’d want to have for myself as well. She seems really sweet and funny, and it would be extremely awesome to have an android helping you with everything and just being with you.

Queen Levana is an interesting person, and as far as I know, there’s a book about her story. If not, I hope some of it is in the other books in this series!

Overall, I really liked this book and I can’t wait to read the second! The characters were really strong and the story kept getting more and more interesting 🙂

Have you read this book? What did you think? 


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Library Haul #1

Well, this is a new thing (yes I know it already existed but this is new for me), but I’m actually really excited to let you know what I got at the library because this time, it’s a particularly awesome pile 🙂

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson


This is a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while (and it even fits in my 2017 reading challenge!) and now I finally have it 😀 I’ve already started reading, so a review should be up soon!


This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp


A book I’ve seen a lot lately, so I’m glad my library has it. It was a little bit weird because in Dutch, this book is called 54 Minuten (translating to 54 minutes) so yeah, took me a while to find it on Goodreads haha


Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard


This is the second book of the Red Queen series, and unfortunately, my library’s site is being stupid so I can’t find if they have the first book too 😦


The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson


Since I’ve read the entire Mortal Instruments series, and only have the third book of the Infernal Devices left on my TBR, I was so happy I’ve found this book too! Really excited to read more about Magnus


Angelfall by Susan Ee


A book I started a while ago and somehow never got further than the first few pages. Hoping this time I’ll fully read it, since I’ve heard a lot of good things about this series


Cinder by Marissa Meyer


I’ve started this series, like, two years ago. And forgotten half of it, so I’m gonna reread it! Besides, the other books sure as hell seem interesting too so I’m gonna read the entire series.


As I said, pretty awesome, right? I really hope I’ll be reading them all but that should be not so much of a problem. I usually don’t really do anything besides work, and the few people I do see regularly are all busy with school (oh yes school’s started again HURRAY). That should mean I have time for reading… Here’s to hoping I’ll get to it 🙂


Have you read any books of my haul? What did you get at your last library haul? 


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2017 series TBR

So, while I don’t usually do these New Year’s Resolutions, I do have a few (read: a lot) books I want to read in 2017. I also want to blog more frequently -but I’ll see how that thing will go.

Find my 2017 standalones TBR here

  • Game of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin (reread)


  • Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (reread)


  • Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead (I’m currently halfway through already 😀 )


  • The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) series by Christopher Paolini (reread)


  • Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer


  • Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas


  • Talon series by Julie Kagawa


  • Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard


  • The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater


Here’s to hoping I’ll be able to read all these amazing series! I’ll also have a post with the standalones I want to read, which will be up shortly after this

Do we have any series in common? Have you read one of these series? what did you think?


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Top Ten Thursday: Books I definitely want to read in 2016

Heya! I don’t know if there’s an actual list with all TTT’s for each Thursday, but while I’m searching that up (or you could tell me in the comments where to find it? 🙂 ), I’m making my own. So, here is: 10 books/series I definitely want to read in 2016

Continue reading Top Ten Thursday: Books I definitely want to read in 2016