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Series review: Lucifer season 1 (TV show, 2015 – )


Heya! It’s been a while since I reviewed anything TV related, so I thought it’d be time for that again.

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t really watched anything, until a while ago I rewatched all of Once Upon A Time (which I’ll review later, probably), and a week ago, I watched Lucifer. I did watch a few episodes somewhere last year, but since I couldn’t remember them, I just started from the beginning.

I’ve seen people review some series episode per episode, that’s not something I’ll be able to do. I’m the one who just binge watches everything in a week, and by then, it’s all a big story that I can’t review per episode. Besides, I hate spoilers and this is one way to avoid telling those! Also, I used to watch 20 shows and I am planning on watching them all (and maybe reviewing them) and there’s no way I could possibly keep up with all that πŸ˜›



Lucifer is a TV show on Fox, currently ongoing and during it’s second season. For this post, I’ll review only season 1, since season 2 hasn’t finished yet (currently waiting for the midseason premiere and it’s killing me!)

About: The devil takes vacation from hell and ends up in Los Angeles. The city of angels, and he isn’t one. He goes by the name of Lucifer Morningstar, owns a nightclub named Lux, and has the ability to have people tell him their deepestΒ desires. When he meets detective Chloe Decker, he teams up with her, ending up as an LAPD consultant, helping Chloe to give the people the punishment they deserve. Together, they work out the most rare and supernatural crimes.

IMDB link: Lucifer (TV show)

While Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is the actual devil himself, Chloe (Lauren German)won’t believe him -and maybe that’s a good thing. His humor and cheekiness is fantastic, and Ellis does a wonderful job at playing him. The way Lucifer and Chloe talk, work together, and everything else is amazing, and even though there is some sexual frustration between them, it doesn’t get in the way of the plot. Throughout the episodes, you can see Lucifer change, and admittedly, Chloe too.

Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt), the demon who got out of hell with Lucifer, is the bartender at Lux, but more importantly, his only real friend in LA. She is one badass woman, a role model for all bad things.

Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), the psychologist he met while solving a crime, also seems to think everything Lucifer tells her about hell and himself is a metaphor. Lucifer however, seems to be needing their sessions even though she can’t see the truth.

In the meantime, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), Lucifer’s brother, tries to get him back to hell, where he belongs.

Overall this series is amazing, and the next episode couldn’t come soon enough (just another month of waiting…)! If you like a little bit of supernatural, lots of humor and a good plot, you sure as hell need to watch this show.



(oh and if that’s something you care about: Lucifer is amazingly hot, and the jokes he makes, the way he grins after making them, his interactions with Chloe… they only make it better)

What shows are you watching? Any recommendations for me? Would you like me to review more TV shows or movies? Tell me!

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