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Book review: The Thousandth Floor

*standing ovation for writing the title perfectly in one try!* (that’s not true, I kept trying and then I gave up and copy-pasted it from Goodreads)


Title: The Thousandth Floor

Author: Katharine McGee

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Summary: It’s the year 2118, and New York has become one tower building. The tower has thousand floors, and everyone lives on the floor based on their wealth. Avery is a girl who seems to have everything, except the one thing she really desires. Leda is struggling with an addiction, and not only that. She seems to have everything under control, but deep down she knows she doesn’t. Eris’ life seems so carefree and perfect, until her family, and with that her whole life, starts falling apart. Rylin has a simple cleaning job on one of the highest floors, which brings her a lot of new good things. The question is whether the old good things will survive. Watt knows everything about everyone. When he’s hired to spy on an upper-floor girl, he wonders if knowing everything is really worth it sometimes. The lives of these four get intertwined with a destiny – and not a good one.

Okay, let’s just say that I’m usually not great with multiple POV’s. Like, a few I can handle but five can be quite hard sometimes. Especially in this book, where their lives get intertwined and I just don’t know who I’m reading about. However, I survived and this book was really good!

It starts well, with the ending in fact. Yes, it’s one of those books where something happens and then you get the “[insert time] earlier” and I quite like those. Together with the multiple POV’s, it felt a bit like This Is Where It Ends and The Silence Of The Sea

Avery is someone I didn’t like at first, and I’ll be honest, she kept being my most annoying person to read about. I mean, I get it, when people think you are perfect, it’s easier to just keep trying to be that than to change their minds. And the thing she wants is not exactly easy to get, so there’s that. She still kept being mostly whiny and not true to herself and others, and I really disliked that.

Leda is a character I didn’t entirely understand at times, but that’s okay. I can imagine what she was going through and she could’ve done a lot of things different, but it’s hard. She was trying to keep everything under control, even when she actually couldn’t.

I liked Eris. She wasn’t too snobby, and was just living a good life. Until everything went to shit and then she got confused and I understood her. She kept trying to act like everything was okay while she should have just trusted someone to tell them her story. It would’ve made a lot of things easier (but then again, when is a main character’s life ever easy?). I loved how she found herself eventually.

Rylin was another great personage, everything about her just fitted into her story. She tried her hardest to stay true to herself, even when she got the job at the upper-floors and the benefits that came with it. She had great character development and I just really liked it.

Watt was a bit weird at first, but I understand him though. If I had the techniques like he had, I would probably snoop on some people too, and he did earn a lot of money with what he did. He should’ve stopped earlier when the requests had gotten too personal though, but that’s my opinion. He was an idiot for using his techniques for everything, but he too had character development somewhere at the end of the story.

Overall, there was a lot of character development, which I absolutely loved. I’m all in for that. There was a lot of drama going on too, with all the characters and honestly, it’s impossible to avoid with a book like this. The writing was really well done and I could feel myself living together with each of the characters. Of course, I kept wondering what would happen at the end, and the closer I got to it, the less I wanted to read further 😛

This book was so good and I’d hope for a sequel, but sadly, there is none. Which is quite logical after you’ve read it, but I’d love to read what happened after. I think I can only imagine..

Have you read this book? What did you think? Tell me!


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