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WordPress is a b***h and deleted all my drafts :(

Okay, first of all, again, I’m so sorry I know I said I’d update regularly but, again, life got in the way and I just didn’t post anything on either my blog or bookstagram for 2 months. Now, I had this glorious idea to maybe finish a few drafts (I had quite a few “almost finished”-book reviews ready and some tags), so I opened my WordPress and all my drafts are gone. No idea why, no idea how but anyway, it sucks and I’m quite pissed off right now.

HOWEVER I’ll seriously take some time to fix things, write down what I remember (luckily I have this old-fashioned habit of taking notes while reading and sometimes writing a short summary in a notebook so I’ll only have to find the right notebook (I totally don’t have way too many.. naaahhh) and I can start drafting some posts again! I have the day off Wednesday and Saturday so I’m hoping I’ll get to finish some.

On another note, I just had an entire week off of work to go on vacation with my dad and sisters and it was GLORIOUS. I had 8 days off (originally 9 but of course things went wrong and shit happened and I had to work the last day before leaving so everything got hectic again yay) and spent most of it relaxing. We did a ton of stuff (I was gonna say  “I’ll post about it later” but I said that about my vacation to London too and that was in July so… *leaves shamefully*), and I read 3 books, fell asleep on the couch almost every night, and best of all, didn’t think about work for one second in the whole week.

I did catch up on reading all your posts, saw lots of fun tags and things to try, so at least I’ll have enough inspiration haha. I also planned on changing a few things, maybe change the account name since I’m using a different one for my bookstagram (and twitter, although I never really use that any more), and some changes around the layout and such. So far, I haven’t been able to catch up with coding either so it’ll definitely take a while before I can make my own theme.

I also have done quite some shameful book buying lately, and I’m most definitely back on my buying ban, but… I do now have another 30 books that don’t fit on my shelves and I’ve got yet to read, next to the other gazillion books I’ve bought but haven’t read yet???? There was a positive side on this, I swear…

TL;DR: I have yet another excuse as for why I didn’t post for two months and this is the (??? Idk how many) attempt at trying to start posting regularly again xD

This time, I’m not sure how much time it’ll take before I’m back on track, but thank you all for those who are still with me ❤ (and thank you for the friend that found my blog and made me realize I haven’t posted in months, otherwise it would probably have taken another month or so whoops)

Alright, I’m off to read now (CR: All The Bright Places, and I’m loving it so far!) ❤




Heya guys!! How are you all? I’m back from my vacation to London (which was absolutely amazing by the way) whoo!

Because I was an idiot and waited to pack my bags till the last minute, I didn’t have time for scheduling posts either and I didn’t have any wifi or a laptop so that explains my absence… But I’ll catch up with the T5W and Book Traveling Thursdays!

I got back at 11.30pm on Sunday, and had to work the Monday right after. I’ve mostly just unpacked (I bought so many things), and done laundry so that’s why I’m only now posting. I’ll type up a T5W and Book Traveling Thursday later this night, as well as a post about my vacation because it was amazing (hint: I went to Waterstones 😛 ).

I’m glad to be back and I’ll be reading all your posts from last week too! 🙂



Hello all!

I have a small announcement to make, nothing to worry about. It’s just that as you may have noticed, I’ve been away a few times past month, and that’s for a reason: as for today (February 28th) I signed for my own apartment (which I’m going to live in together with my sister)! I am beyond excited to move out and really start my own life. The only thing is…


So, that means I can’t read or write anything the next few days. My parents divorced a few years ago, meaning I have to get all my stuff from two houses to my own one. I haven’t had my reading journal for a week already, and now all the other notebooks and books have been packed since Monday.

Fun (not so fun) fact: I can’t unpack till Saturday because I still work every day from 11 am to 8.30 pm, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to do things. So hereby, I inform y’all I will be quite inactive this and possibly next week. I will try to schedule some posts now, and I’ll do my best to keep reading your posts and of course I will be back within 2 weeks but for now, everything is mostly hectic as f***

Thank you for your patience and I hope everything will go well!

-Luci ❤