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Update & January TBR

Happy New Year you all! Hope you had a good time, whether you celebrate it or not 🙂 I personally never cared a lot about the whole New Years and all its resolutions and stuff like that, but I had a good time nonetheless. I went over to my boyfriend, had a great time, played boardgames (another thing I absolutely love besides reading), and was generally just reeaaallllyyyy lazy xD

Now, I know, I know, I said I’d go back to updating regularly and then didn’t post anything for (over) three months. BUT, as always my excuse, things happened, I had another reading slump and only pulled myself out when I continued reading the Discworld novels, and started my reread of Vampire Academy recently.

As for excuses..

  • I got the most wonderful amazing boyfriend ever, who also reads (honestly, that’s enough to be perfect anyway, right? 😉 However, that means I didn’t spend as much time alone as I used to, meaning I had less time to review and update.
  • I also worked a full 200 hours in November (okay, and August and September and December too.. I’ll admit), so not much time to read either. I did continue buying new books though (did you expect anything else of me?)
  • I went to Amsterdam and visited about three bookstores. I only came home with 4 or 5 books.. so that’s a new achievement xD
  • I got GORGEOUS new bookshelves and I’m so excited to fill them completely with books! I do have them for a while already, and I’ve mostly just put every book in it and I got some decorations, some cute plants, and I’m trying to figure out what books I want in which place and stuff like that. I also need to make a rack for my nail polish, which will be stored in my bookshelves and I’ll take a picture when it’s done.
  • other than that, I’ve been mostly busy with cleaning, chores (yay, living by yourself._.), and working.


(quick photo of my bookshelves because THEY’RE SO PRETTY. This might not be the final design *makes Hannibal joke reference* so I’ll probably update you throughout the year)

Anyhow, as I’m writing this, it’s just December and I’m planning on scheduling all coming reviews for the new year. Something about fresh start and stuff (not really, but I’ll be quite busy the last two weeks so I probably don’t have enough time to write a review and post it, so I’ll just schedule them for January and if I keep up my reading, I’ll finally be back to updating more.

(I originally wrote that in my review of Everything, Everything, which will be coming up later this week, and I’m way too lazy to edit the whole paragraph so I just kept it like that xD)


Now, I also generally don’t have a specific TBR for the month but this month I’d like to try because I also never know what to read since I have so many books I’ve yet to read xD So for this month I’d like to name a few books I’d like to read, also because I just love talking about books and anything about books 🙂

Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise and Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

I did start the Vampire Academy series back in December, which got me out of my reading slump, hurray! I’m currently still reading the third book in the series and I’m hoping to finish it before the month ends. I’d also like to read the last two books.

Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

Of course there’s a Pratchett book., there’s always a Pratchett book on my TBR xD But last Christmas I started reading Hogfather because well… it’s Christmas themed.. sorta. You’ll know when you read the book 😉 However, I’m currently loving it, and I do certainly plan on finishing it by the end of January. I had planned on reading it over Christmas since I don’t celebrate it anyway, but I ended up working, having to go to the Christmas dinner with the whole family (which sucked, as I expected), my mom and little sister came over for a brunch since my sister invited them to our apartment. The rest of the time was spent with my boyfriend, who told me to read Hogfather, but yeah, I didn’t get a lot of reading done in the end.

Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett

Originally the next one on my list after The Fifth Elephant, but yeah Christmas and Hogfather got in the way so there’s that. I do plan on reading this one and continuing the series after that.


So far, that’s all I have. I know I don’t read a lot, because I don’t have a lot of time, so my TBR is pretty small. For now, I’m hoping to read these books and I’ll see what I’ll get done. I do have a lot more series that seem so awesome to me (and a lot of them I already have on my shelves because… I might not read but still buy a lot of books ^^; )

What’s on your TBR for January? Anything you’d recommend me to start reading when I’ve finished these books? Among others on my shelves are The Grisha, Six of Crows, Monsters of Verity, The Raven Cycle, and I honestly don’t know which one I would like to read first haha


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WordPress is a b***h and deleted all my drafts :(

Okay, first of all, again, I’m so sorry I know I said I’d update regularly but, again, life got in the way and I just didn’t post anything on either my blog or bookstagram for 2 months. Now, I had this glorious idea to maybe finish a few drafts (I had quite a few “almost finished”-book reviews ready and some tags), so I opened my WordPress and all my drafts are gone. No idea why, no idea how but anyway, it sucks and I’m quite pissed off right now.

HOWEVER I’ll seriously take some time to fix things, write down what I remember (luckily I have this old-fashioned habit of taking notes while reading and sometimes writing a short summary in a notebook so I’ll only have to find the right notebook (I totally don’t have way too many.. naaahhh) and I can start drafting some posts again! I have the day off Wednesday and Saturday so I’m hoping I’ll get to finish some.

On another note, I just had an entire week off of work to go on vacation with my dad and sisters and it was GLORIOUS. I had 8 days off (originally 9 but of course things went wrong and shit happened and I had to work the last day before leaving so everything got hectic again yay) and spent most of it relaxing. We did a ton of stuff (I was gonna say  “I’ll post about it later” but I said that about my vacation to London too and that was in July so… *leaves shamefully*), and I read 3 books, fell asleep on the couch almost every night, and best of all, didn’t think about work for one second in the whole week.

I did catch up on reading all your posts, saw lots of fun tags and things to try, so at least I’ll have enough inspiration haha. I also planned on changing a few things, maybe change the account name since I’m using a different one for my bookstagram (and twitter, although I never really use that any more), and some changes around the layout and such. So far, I haven’t been able to catch up with coding either so it’ll definitely take a while before I can make my own theme.

I also have done quite some shameful book buying lately, and I’m most definitely back on my buying ban, but… I do now have another 30 books that don’t fit on my shelves and I’ve got yet to read, next to the other gazillion books I’ve bought but haven’t read yet???? There was a positive side on this, I swear…

TL;DR: I have yet another excuse as for why I didn’t post for two months and this is the (??? Idk how many) attempt at trying to start posting regularly again xD

This time, I’m not sure how much time it’ll take before I’m back on track, but thank you all for those who are still with me ❤ (and thank you for the friend that found my blog and made me realize I haven’t posted in months, otherwise it would probably have taken another month or so whoops)

Alright, I’m off to read now (CR: All The Bright Places, and I’m loving it so far!) ❤



Heya guys!! How are you all? I’m back from my vacation to London (which was absolutely amazing by the way) whoo!

Because I was an idiot and waited to pack my bags till the last minute, I didn’t have time for scheduling posts either and I didn’t have any wifi or a laptop so that explains my absence… But I’ll catch up with the T5W and Book Traveling Thursdays!

I got back at 11.30pm on Sunday, and had to work the Monday right after. I’ve mostly just unpacked (I bought so many things), and done laundry so that’s why I’m only now posting. I’ll type up a T5W and Book Traveling Thursday later this night, as well as a post about my vacation because it was amazing (hint: I went to Waterstones 😛 ).

I’m glad to be back and I’ll be reading all your posts from last week too! 🙂


I’m a Book Depository Affiliate!

Hello all! Good news, my wifi is installed so I’ll be back online 🙂 I’m going to be catching up with reviews this week and weekend and after that, I hope I can finally go back to my (kind of) regularly posting schedule. And now on to the actual news…

I can now proudly call myself a Book Depository Affiliate! 😀 I filled in the forms a while ago, but with my internet gone I didn’t exactly have time to post it. But yay!


I buy about 90% of all my books at Book Depository and I just love the site. I’d recommend you all to buy your books there, and another great thing: they have free shipping 

So, take a look around the site here, and enjoy yourself! 🙂


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Hello all!

I have a small announcement to make, nothing to worry about. It’s just that as you may have noticed, I’ve been away a few times past month, and that’s for a reason: as for today (February 28th) I signed for my own apartment (which I’m going to live in together with my sister)! I am beyond excited to move out and really start my own life. The only thing is…


So, that means I can’t read or write anything the next few days. My parents divorced a few years ago, meaning I have to get all my stuff from two houses to my own one. I haven’t had my reading journal for a week already, and now all the other notebooks and books have been packed since Monday.

Fun (not so fun) fact: I can’t unpack till Saturday because I still work every day from 11 am to 8.30 pm, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to do things. So hereby, I inform y’all I will be quite inactive this and possibly next week. I will try to schedule some posts now, and I’ll do my best to keep reading your posts and of course I will be back within 2 weeks but for now, everything is mostly hectic as f***

Thank you for your patience and I hope everything will go well!

-Luci ❤


T5W: Favorite non-written novels

The Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @Thoughts On Tomes. You can find the Goodreads group here.

–This was a hard topic to name, but this is about all books that are not ‘written’ novels! So graphic novels, comics, manga, audiobooks, etc. Shed some light on books in other forms.

1. Marvel and DC comics

I haven’t read a lot of them yet (and there are A LOT) but I’m definitely planning on it! I love all the Marvel movies and I can’t wait till I get my hands on the comics 😀

As for DC I am still catching up on all the movies so the comics will be included too!


2. Sarah’s Scribbles

Sarah C. Andersen is a genius and I love her. I’ve read the first book “Adulthood Is A Myth” and it was amazing. She makes little comics about every day life and they’re almost always so accurate! You can find her site here


3. Fowl Language Comics

Another comic one, yes but these are also hilarious. Brian Gordon’s comics are mostly about his parenting life, made in the form of cute ducks. I do not have kids myself, but somehow, these comics are hilariously accurate! You can find his site here

4. Cassandra Calin’s comics

Yes, yes, I know, but this is the last one. Cassandra Calin also illustrates her daily life, and just like the other two above, they’re hilarious. You can find her site here


5. Fanfiction

Technically, this is still “written”, but I thought it deserved a mention. I myself am (occasionally) a fanfiction writer, and I know how hard it is to write something original about something that already exists, whether it be a TV series or a book or a movie, it’s hard. And, the second thing, getting readers. It’s not all that easy, and that’s part of the reason why I don’t really write these days. I do have about 3 new fanfictions started, but I just can’t seem to find inspiration anywhere… If you all are interested, I might make a list of my favorite fanfiction works from several fandoms one day 🙂

And that’s it already! What things did you pick for your Top 5 Wednesday? Anyone else love these comics as much as me? 


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Beyond the Books: January

Heya! January’s come to an end, which means it’s time for another Beyond the Books. This is a monthly post where you can share everything that’s not about books, idea by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much. Go check her blog!



  • I went on with Mr Robot season 2, and it just got weirder and weirder but it’s a really awesome series
  • Sherlock, oh Sherlock. A new season, with a whole new 3 episodes (yes there was a bit of sarcasm there) was on TV, and of course I watched it. If you have watched it too: please scream with me over it because I’m so confused and I don’t know what to do any more and I need a new season like, right now


  • As for movies, I only watched Ice Age: Collision Course, which, as you can expect, was super funny and awesome.




A lot happened for me this month..

  • On the 16th I went to the Hammerfall concert, which was amazing. It was my birthday as well!
  • Sabaton was announced as one of the bands at Graspop Metal Meeting, which made me even more excited!
  • On the 29th, I went to the Sabaton concert, and it was even better than I remembered. I saw them last year (and wrote a review here), and I had sort of forgotten how awesome they were. I mean, of course they are, but I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but when they came on stage and started playing, everything came back. And yes, my crush on Chris Rörland is also back in full force! 😛
  • and then finally on the 31st, I saw the band I may have waited the longest for. I started listening to Green Day when I was around 12 or 13 years old. I’m now 19, and I’ve finally seen them live, and it was absolutely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The energy, the show, everything was just amazing.I may write a review of it later, but I am already busy enough with keeping the book part of this blog going so I’ll see about that 😛
  • As you may know, I am trying to write a fanfiction (okay, I’m writing 2, for different fandoms), and I’ve found that I mostly listen to Muse or Neon Trees while writing. It calms me down to the point where I can concentrate on the music and words will be flowing out of my fingers
  • I also “accidentally” ordered 10 cds, but they haven’t come in yet 😦


Other things

  • I bought new lipstick! And I made selfies, picture can be found below 🙂
  • Me and my sister have our own apartment!!! We were trying for it since December and halfway through January it finally got through and I’m so excited! Moving will take place from somewhere halfway February through begin March, so I’ll probably be less active (or I’ll schedule some posts, I’ll see if I have enough time for everything). I’m kinda scared, because it means moving out of home, but I think me and my sister will be alright there. I can’t wait to finally have enough shelf space for my books because right now everything is crammed in two tiny shelves from my closet
  • For my birthday, I got this super awesome Marvel Collector Corps box themed X-Men and I can’t make pictures now, but you can find the site here. If you click past boxes, you can see the one from December, which is the one I’ve gotten. Its amazing.
  • I also got a Magic: The Gathering deck for my birthday, and I’m ready to become a full Nerd™ 😉 The game is highly addicting and I can’t wait to start playing with my own deck
  • I also bought the cutest 2017 diary, pics will be below. It has cute little animals, different ones every month, and the colors are all so light pastel and I just love it so much ❤


So that’s all for this month, this time it’s actually a lot! As you may notice, I didn’t have a subject with my nails, and that’s because my nails have been either naked or just polished with one color this month. Sad, I know.

How’d did January go for you? Do we share any interests other than books? Let me know! 


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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hello! I’m just trying a thing to see if it works, so don’t mind me 🙂

Apparently Bloglovin’ is a place where you can follow any blog anywhere with your account (I thnik?), which makes it all somewhat easier. So, if you want, you can follow my blog from Bloglovin’ from now on (if you want)!


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Beyond the Books – December

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope y’all had fun celebrating it 🙂

And that’s another month gone, time goes so fast these days! I always feel really old when I say things like that but even though 2016 sucked (we can all agree on that), it went by quite fast!I know I said that the last two months but I swear this is the last time 😛

I didn’t do a lot of things I wanted to, but on the other hand, I also did a lot of things I hadn’t planned!

This post is an idea by Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much (go follow her!!). The idea is to post about the other things that happen in your life, apart from reading (because that’s the one thing we all have in common, don’t we?)


  • I went on with watching Mr. Robot and it’s really awesome, there is one super weird episode that almost made me stop watching, but luckily I didn’t and I’m still watching it!
  • I thought of restarting Doctor Who, which I started watching somewhere around this time last year (???) and it was cool, but depression got me again and I stopped watching everything I watched at that time. Any other Whovians out there, maybe?
  • I also thought about rewatching Lucifer, which is an amazing series. I watched it with my best friend, but I rarely see him these days so we kind of paused it, and now the new season is out (has been for a while, oops) and I want to rewatch everything!



  • First of all: THE NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TRAILER AHHHHH!! I fangirled about it here 🙂
  • Sadly, I didn’t get to see the other new Marvel movie, Doctor Strange, but as soon as I can download it anywhere, I’ll watch it (and make sure to review it)!
  • I did watch Passengers in the movie theaters last week, and wrote a review about it here


My nails did get some more attention this month:

I tried a drop-thingy that didn’t work out that well 😦
I matched with the movie we watched (Passengers)!


  • It’s been 2 years since Nightwish published Endless Forms Most Beautiful and a year since I’ve seen them live. I might review it soon, because I love Nightwish
  • I bought a super awesome AC/DC hoodie and I love it!
  • 342195a-emp342195b-emp
  • I bought me and my friends Graspop Metal Meeting tickets and I’m so excited! I went last year and it was simply amazing so I can’t wait to go again next year 😀


Other Stuff

  • I had a fancy Christmas dinner and I went in a dress and heels (which I had to buy because I didn’t have either of those lol) and it was really nice
  • I spent Christmas with my boyfriend at his parent’s house, and it was so fun 🙂 I was a little bit nervous because I had yet to meet the other side of his family, but they were all really nice and his mom was so happy to see me again, it was so sweet. I promised them I’d be back soon
  • Other than that I didn’t do a lot, so here are some pictures of me and the cat of my boyfriend’s parents
  • Funny story: I picked up their cat and she stayed with me, so I petted her, and suddenly all of them were looking at me asking “how did I do that”… Apparently, their cat isn’t cuddable at all, and even tries to get away when their mom picks her up.. It is I, the cat whisperer 🙂

How did this month go for you? Do we have anything in common?


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Beyond the Books – November

Hello! It’s December already, is it just me or does this year seem to fly by?

This wonderful idea is brought to you by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much. Go give her a follow!


  • As for TV I continued watching Breaking Bad but there’s so much dialogue, I can’t concentrate on it anymore! We usually watch it at late evenings or night and at that point I’m already tired from the day so yeah we kind of paused that
  • We did start Mr. Robot, which is a really nice series but it is starting to get weirder and weirder. Unlike Breaking Bad, this series doesn’t have a lot of dialogue. What it does have a lot is monologue haha.
  • I’m still watching Once Upon A Time, and oh my god all the plot twists! I’ll try to avoid giving any spoilers but if you watch it, please tell me!



This month I actually didn’t watch any movies, shocking, I know 😛 I was busier with sleeping and actually reading books again, so maybe next month!



Even my nails didn’t get a lot of attention! I did do some art, and even though it was only November, I was already in the Christmas spirit haha



I recently got obsessed with Hammerfall again (mainly because it’s the first upcoming concert YAY) and I reviewed the new Green Day album, Revolution Radio, which you can view here.

And that’s already it! To be honest, December can go by fast af for me, I don’t really celebrate Christmas (got invited at my boyfriend’s parents though so that’s nice), and I just really want to be done with 2016 already.

How was this month for you?


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