About me

Hello, it’s Luci speaking here. I’m just gonna introduce myself shortly, because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? :p

  • My name is officially not Luci, but I prefer to not share my real name on the internet. I really hope that doesn’t bother anyone (if it does, please tell me and I can give you a longer explanation as for why I chose another name)
  • I am addicted to books, music (mostly metal and rock), nail art, and occasionally some (read: 5 in one evening) chick-flicks
  • I am also very addicted to television shows and I used to watch 19 shows at the same time (of which about 15 of them ongoing), now I am only caught up with Game of Thrones and Once Upon A Time
  • This blog will be a combination of those named above
  • I live in the Netherlands, which is pretty shitty for a lot of reasons (shipping costs for once)
  • I think my English is pretty decent, but who am I to judge? I hate Dutch (my Dutch is worse than my English, stupid grammar and all those damned exceptions on every rule) and English is a lot easier for me. Don’t be afraid to tell me if I made a spelling mistake though
  • I used to go to college, but I survived about 3 months before giving up (thanks to anxiety, depression and insomnia), and now I’m working full-time at Subway. It’s kind of a shitty job, but my colleagues are nice and it pays kinda well.
  • I have a lot of social media, and usually links for them are at the end of every post. If not: try searching for ‘irontallica666’ anywhere and you’ll probably find me 😛
  • I think that’s it? No idea, if you wanna know more, tell me!

I hope you enjoy my blog and posts 🙂 I try to update regularly but it gets hard sometimes and I hope y’all can make peace with that


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Addicted to books, music and nail art

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