Book Review: The Fire Sermon (The Fire Sermon 1)

[Not completely spoiler free]

Hello there! I’ve seen some things going around about a three-day weekend?? Unfortunately, I’m one of those poor souls that doesn’t have that (probably because I don’t live in the US or UK), and the past few days have been quite busy, so I only finished my book last night.

Title: The Fire Sermon

Author: Francesca Haig

Goodreads link: The Fire Sermon


Summary: In the new world, everything has changed. Because of a huge explosion, each person is born together with their Twin, and it’s always a pair of one Alpha and one Omega. The Aplha is physically perfect in every way, and the Omega is, unexpectedly, a burden. Either missing a limb or not so noticeable, like a psychic foresight. Too bad for the Alphas, they can’t just leave their Omega twin to die, all twins share a bond, and if one dies, the other dies too.  So, as a solution, as soon as the parents notice which one the Omega is, the Omega’s get marked and sent away to live with the other Omega’s. Cass is an Omega, with psychic foresight, which she’d been able to hide for 13 years, to stay with her brother, Zach. When she gets sent away, Zach gets a good position at the Alpha Council. However, Cass dares to dream of an equal world, but for that, both the Council and the Resistance have her in their sights.

I must admit that at first, this book didn’t really speak to me. I had picked it up a few times, and put it down again. However, I’ve heard such good things about it, that I decided to read it anyways. And I’m glad I did, because this book is pretty awesome.

Cass is an Omega, with psychic foresight, which makes her a rare Omega. When her brother Zach gets his position at the Council, she is even more “popular”. She’s different from other girls in Young Adult books, mostly because I couldn’t really picture myself in her place.

Zach is kind of an asshole. Not even kind of, actually. How far he’s willing to go surprises me every time, with everything he does.

Kip is another character I can’t really figure out. He has his memory loss, and that made it even harder. He doesn’t remember his twin, and I had an idea of it, but I thought that would be to crazy. In the end, it turned out I was actually right.

[Note: when the name Kip came forward I was really confused, and I searched a lot of Goodreads comments for his actual name, because in Dutch, “Kip” means “Chicken”]

Overall, this book was pretty well, but it has a lot of potential for more, and I really hope this will all be in the second book (which I’m about to read A.S.A.p.!). This is one of those books where I didn’t actually feel myself wanting for more, more, more, but I did keep turning pages hoping for.. I honestly don’t know. The ending had a surprised twist, and I am really curious for book 2 now.

Did you read this book? What did you think? 

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