Book review: This Is Where It Ends

I was a stupid person and said I was going to bed early and picked up this book…. I’m so tired while writing this, I’m almost falling asleep on my keyboard.

Trigger warnings: Shooting, school shooting


Title: This Is Where It Ends

Author: Marieke Nijkamp

Goodreads link: This Is Where It Ends


Summary: It seems like a normal Monday at the beginning of a new semester. The Principal is just done with her speech, and the students can leave the auditorium and go to their classes. Except, the doors won’t open. And then someone starts shooting.

Wow. Just wow. I read this book in one sitting (and I rarely do that these days because I don’t have the time) because I just needed to know. I wanted to know who, why, and everything else.

The 4 POV’s made it quite hard to keep up with, and they confused me a lot. That’s almost the only thing that bothered me with this book (hah, and I wanted to read A Game Of Thrones, good luck, me!). It didn’t really help that all the 4 main characters had a brother or sister and were (of course) somehow connected to the shooter.

I had so many feels while reading this book. The idea of it happening makes me sad already. Every time someone was shot, I felt it as if I was there too. The writing is really well done and I could easily keep my attention to what was happening. The points where it got confusing was mostly where the present and past was switched. I myself like to read flashbacks or things like that in cursive text, or maybe another color so that I can easily know what is a flashback and what isn’t.

The people that died surprised me, actually. Sure, I knew people were going to die, this just wasn’t entirely what I expected.

Overall this book was great. I gave it 4 stars (on Goodreads) beause the 4 POV’s were confusing and that actually really bothered me 😦

Have you read this book? What did you think? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has difficulties with more than two POV’s?


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