Book review: I’ll Give You The Sun

Hello there, after what feels like ages I’ve finally gotten this book into my hands and read it. And dear god, what a book it was.


Title: I’ll Give You The Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Goodreads link: I’ll Give You The Sun


Summary: At thirteen years old, the twins Noah and Jude are incredibly close. While Noah spends his time drawing and falling in love with the boy next door, Jude spends her time surfing, cliff-diving and wearing mini-skirts and lipstick. At 16 years old, Jude and Noah are barely talking. But then Jude meets a boy, a broken boy, and he leads her to someone who is going to help her getting what she want. While Noah tells everything from when they were 13, Jude covers the 16-years-old-them. If only they knew each other’s versions of the same story…

First of all, this book was beautiful, so beautiful. When Noah discovered what Jude had done I feared for my heart, and when their dad found out, I feared too, and I actually feared for my heart throughout half of the entire book.

In the beginning, I really liked Noah and Jude, they got so well together, even though they’re entirely different people. But then Jude started acting weird and going out with the other girls and wearing mini skirts and red lipstick and I didn’t really understand her any more. And then the fights with their mom came and my heart broke.

But at 16, they’ve literally become the other and it was so weird. Jude wanted to make some art, and Noah had all the parties and I was so confused. I was basically confused for half of the book because of course I didn’t know what happened between their 13 and 16 year old being and I was so curious. When I knew, my heart just kind of exploded and I didn’t know what to do for a few minutes. I thought it would be way too painful reading on (it was, but I did it anyways).

Their dad honestly deserved so much better. Yes, he’s been a huge ass to Noah in the beginning but gods, he deserved better.

Overall this book was amazing and I might even buy it because I’m addicted. Jandy Nelson has also written the book The Sky Is Everywhere, which I’m definitely going to read. I’m actually ordering both books online now as I’m writing this.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Have you read her other book? Is it as good as this one?


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