Book review: The Indigo Spell

Back again with the third book of this series! πŸ˜€ This book took me somewhat longer to finish, but that’s mostly because I started it on December 30th, and then came the New Year, and then I immediately had to work again, and I didn’t have a lot of time for reading. But now I’m done!


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Title:Β The Indigo Spell

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link: The Indigo Spell


Summary:Β After finding out about the secret group Trey was in, Sydney Sage makes a decision to search up Marcus Finch, who used to be an Alchemist. However, the Alchemists deny his existence, making Sydney even more curious. With Marcus’ help, she finds out the Alchemists are lying to her -making her seriously doubt to let Marcus remove the lily tattoo on her cheek, the tattoo that bonds her with the Alchemists. In the meantime, Sydney is “forced” to use her magical powers (which she never even knew she had) to track down someone evil: someone is targeting young witches like Sydney herself. Using magic goes against everything she ever believed in, but it’s the only way to protect herself.

Okay, I still screamed at the ending but this time it was a good kind of scream. And then not. Just when I thought things were gonna be okay, Zoe showed up and I’m just kind of… I don’t even know. Sydney and Adrian can’t be together, especially not in front of Zoe. And Sydney just removed her tattoo, and that too is not going well. I swear to god this better be ending good. Something I really loved about this book were the small details, like Sydney and Adrian playing games in “their” dream. It made me all fuzzy on the inside!

Sydney using magic is awesome, even though she didn’t want it at first.Β throughout the book I thought her teacher pushed her too much but at the end I realized why she did it. I never thought she was actually gonna remove the tattoo though, it didn’t seem like a Sydney-thing to do. Or maybe she’s finally realizing things and becoming herself. Just like she did with Adrian. I hope that’ll become a real thing, but I fear for Sydney denying Adrian all over again, because Zoe has arrived though.

Adrian doesn’t change a lot throughout the books. He seems to have stopped smoking, which is a good thing.Β I love how he stood by her, even when he was clearly pissed off at her. I also love how he supported her with her magic, he knew it was hard for her, and letting her know he was there for her just did something I think.

I didn’t know what to think of Marcus, and I still kind of don’t. I mean, he seems nice, and he’s clear on what he believes. However, he keeps pushing Sydney to remove her tattoo, and then when she finally did, he immediately pushed her to paint it over too. I think removing her tattoo was a big enough step for her, why push her all over again? On the other side, I understand why he did it. I mean, the Alchemists are clearly lying to Sydney about a lot of things, and staying with them doesn’t end up well, especially if she bonds with the vampires more.

Overall this book was really cool, there were a lot of things I didn’t see coming, which made it even better. I really wonder what will happen now that Zoe has arrived. I’m gonna order the English versions now because my library only has the first three books in Dutch. Really stupid, I know haha

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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