Book review: The Golden Lily

Hello all! How are you enjoying this month so far? I’m pretty well on track with my reading (not so hard, it’s only January yet πŸ˜› ), and even blogging on schedule seems to go well!

I read the second book in December, but I didn’t have enough time to review it here on time, so here it is πŸ™‚

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Title:Β The Golden Lily

Author: Richelle Mead

Goodreads link: The Golden Lily


Summary:Β The more Sydney Sage is around Jill, Eddie and Adrian (especially Adrian), the more she questions her old beliefs. Apart from the blood-drinking, they seem harmless. When Sonya and Dimitri find out her blood might be the cure for a lot of StrigoiΒ deaths, she’s asked to give up some blood for research, and it makes her world fall apart. Brayden appears in her life, and it’s everything she’s ever wanted: he’s smart, he’s a good talking partner, he prefers the logical things over everything else… But if he is so perfect, why does Adrian always make like seem more fun? While still struggling with that, they discover a secret that may destroy the entire vampire world, and Sydney’s loyalties are tested like never before.

Okay, so WOW, about how to end a book….. If there is ever one book from Richelle Mead that doesn’t make me scream at the ending, I’ll bake y’all a pie haha. Seriously though, this book was (again) amazing. The story flowed through and there were so much storylines, I usually find it a little hardΒ to keep up with them, but this time I didn’t. The storylines were connected to each other, but nothing like each other, which made it a lot easier. Like Brayden, who doesn’t know anything about the whole vampire world, her teacher,Β who doesn’t really know anyone from her “family”, and of course the thing with Jill, Eddie and Adrian. I was kind of sad I didn’t read more about Dimitri, but on the other hand: I’ve been reading 6 books about him already and I have Adrian now!

Sydney was again, awesome. I am loving how she keeps discovering things when she follows her heart instead of her rules. She’s actually nothing like Rose from the Vampire Academy series, who went head in and thought of everything else later. The funny thing is, as much as I love Rose, I love Sydney too. The way she handles things is amazing and it actually gets her really far. Except from Adrian, but that’s just a thing she still has to discover, I think (I hope).

Off to Adrian and his charming self. In the first book I noticed a little bit that he may like Sydney, but I didn’t know it for sure. This book however, he made it clear enough. The moment where Sydney wears the dress and Brayden only had comments on how it “didn’t fit the style they went in”, Adrian just outright told her she was beautiful. That is the moment my heart went straight to Adrian. He may be bold, but at least he knows how to charm a girl.

Jill and Eddie didn’t play a role as huge as in the first book. Sure they were there, but this book was a lot more about Sydney and her own things to deal with. The annoying thing about Jill is how badly she wanted to model, but she really couldn’t. I mean, I understand it seems really cool when you’re asked to do it, but damn girl, realize it is not possible, please?

Overall this book was awesome, as I kind of expected. I love the things Sydney discovers, and especially how she deals with them. I hope Sydney and Adrian won’t be too much in a problem because I would cry haha πŸ˜‰

Did you read this book? Tell me what you think!Β 


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