Book review: Champion (Legend 3)

Ah, the finish of the series. And such a series I haven’t read in a while. For some reason I didn’t really read any dystopian books lately, but I seem to have found my way back to them again πŸ™‚

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Title: Champion

Author:Β Marie Lu

Goodreads link: Champion


Summary: June and Day haven’tΒ spoken or seen each other in months. June is now a candidate Princeps-Elect, safe and well. Day has been assigned a high military position, living somewhere else with his little brother Eden. The first time they see each other again (at a fancy dinner on request of Anden, the Elector), he’s asked to give up the one thing he’s still fighting for. And then the Colonies attack, leaving them with only a few options. In the meantime, Day’s condition is getting worse and worse.

OkayΒ the ending, oh my god the ending the ending the ending. Always the ending. But, I’ll start with the beginning. I was really curious what would happen after Prodigy ended, I mean, there were quite some mysteries solved, but the attack on the Elector wasn’t something that could be just ignored.

June had to make some really hard decisions in this book, and I think she did really well. She knew she wouldn’t be Princeps-Elect, because the other two were much better than her. She has her strong points, but ruling a country is not one. The fact that she admitted that was truly awesome.

I was really happy for Day in the beginning, he had his brother, he had a house, pretty much almost everything he needed. Except for June, but that was kind of his own fault. Throughout the book he really pushed himself to his limits, which wasn’t the smartest thing to do since he was dying already. The “fight” he had with Eden was really cool, since I was hoping Eden would make his own choice to save the country. He’s strong enough to make his own decisions. Eden is another personage I’d love to read more about.

Tess didn’t appear as much in this book as the previous ones, which is fine. She’s grown, had to deal with death and the way she now thinks about Day and June makes her even more awesome.

Overall this book was amazing, this was just one of those series where it gets better with each book. As for the ending, oh god I hated it, but on the other hand, I could’ve expected it too. I would love to read what happens after Champion, but the ending of the series was also perfect and I don’t want another book to ruin it haha.

And how do you feel about this book? And the entire series? Let me know!


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