Book review: Eleanor & Park

My dear internet friend told me I should read it and it was amazing.

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Summary: Eleanor is a girl with red hair who always seems to wear the wrong clothes. Park is a boy with a love for comic books and music. Together, they make it through the school year.

Author:Β Rainbow Rowell

Goodreads link: Eleanor & Park

When I started this book, I didn’t really know what to expect. My friend told me it was really cool and such, but I just thought it was a bit weird. Park seemed pretty judging at first, but later I realized that was just something I had to read through. I really hated Eleanor’s stephfather, but I think that counts for everyone who read it.

While I didn’t really know what to think of Park’s parents, IΒ loved how Park wore eyeliner. That was something I absolutely did not expect.

The whole book is a mixture of positive and negative things, parts where you want to cry and parts where you smile while reading it, but the end.. Oh man. I can’t even with the ending, it was definitely not what I expected.

Overall: Really nice book, so fluffy and also so sad

Have you readΒ it? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


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