T5W – Characters you WOULDN’T wat to trade places with

We all know them, wich characters would you wanna trade places with? What would you do if you’d live the (amazing) life of [insert character]?, what book would you wanna live in?, so now we got something entirely different to think about, and I love it already!

T5W is hosted by  gingerreadslainey and thoughtsontomes, for more info go to  this wonderful Goodreads group.

I went with mostly (or all, haha) main characters because it’s honestly easier to imagine what it would be like.

Note: this contains spoilers for mentioned characters and series

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games

I think this is quite a popular one for today’s T5W. I absolutely love The Hunger Games, but living the life of Katniss is not something I would want. Firstly, living in such poorness, then joining the Hunger Games, leaving her family and best friend behind, faking a love for Peeta, kind of losing her best friend…. Nah, I’d rather not

Lisbeth Salander – Millenium

Don’t get me wrong, she’s awesome and I love her, but living her life? Not for me, thank you very much. It would be awesome to actually have her income and be able to do some of the things she does, but the danger and all the things that actually happened to her make me happy I don’t have her life.

If you have no idea who I’m talking about, I reviewed the series here 🙂

Juliette – Shatter Me/Touching Juliette

I’m not exactly one to really like to touch people, or be touched in general, but not to be able to touch someone without hurting them, that would ruin me. As it did with her, let’s be honest. And then, finding someone she can touch, putting her whole world upside down, and another someone, and then they both fall in love with her. One brings so much danger but is also so good, the other wants to use her as a weapon but also speaks to her in a way no one else ever did… Man I wouldn’t know what to do if I had her life.

Jem – Numbers

*Reaslises I really need to read this series again because man, it’s such a good one*

But to have to know when someone dies the exact moment you meet them for the first time.. That would be depressing as hell. And not even to speak about all the other things happening with her and Spider, not the life for me.

Meghan Chase – The Iron Fey

She’s awesome, the series is awesome, but her life? Not so much in my opinion. I mean, she was dragged to the land of the Faery, visited some really dark and nasty places, met some really dark and nasty people, then had to choose between Puck and Ash, next thing she’s leaving her family, her little brother behind to stay with Ash, becoming the Iron Queen, having a kid who brings the nastiest prophecies of all with him, having her brother come back for her, only to find him so angry, prophecy coming true, and then having more chaos with her kid. Man, does she have a life. I couldn’t honestly leave my family behind, not even if I found the love of my life. But how she does it is awesome though.

And that’s already 5! I just realized I automatically went with female characters, while I could name some male characters lives I wouldn’t want either haha.

Do you agree with my list? Or have any other characters you really wouldn’t wanna trade lives with? Tell me in the comments!

Until next time!


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