Beyond the Books – August

Because I do a lot of other things besides reading 🙂

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This is actually the first month I’m doing this, I got it from this lovely blog, originally found by Cátia (which are both such lovely blogs, I’m almost sad I just found them) I really love the idea because besides being a book blogger, I do love a lot of other stuff, and this is such a nice way to share that!


As for TV, I didn’t do much (can you believe it if I say I used to watch 19 ongoing series and some that already ended but I just bingewatched?), except for rewatching seasons 1-4 and finally starting season 5 from Once Upon A Time. This series is amazing, seriously. It’s got everything, fairy tales, angst, humor, feels and a devilishly handsome pirate 😉

And yes, that’s Sebastian Stan. Did you need any other reasons to start watching? Didn’t think so 😛


This one’s gonna be quite harder because I am one of those people who’d rather spend their evenings alone watching chick flicks than going out with friends, and that’s exactly what I do every week haha. I did just realize August has been a month of working 6 ir 7 days every week so I didn’t watch as much movies as I usually would, but I did download a few new ones for September 🙂

  • I went to “Jason Bourne” in the movie theaters and it was really cool! Been loving the Bourne films since the first one (actually started rewatching them too), although the 4th one kind of sucked because Matt Damon wasn’t in it, and well, I can only imagine Bourne as Damon.
  • I rewatched “The Other Woman” with my sister, which is an amazing movie with an amazing ending, and even more amazing to share with someone and ice cream.
  • I watched “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story”, which was so good and so accurate to my current state of being, I will most probably review that separately somewhere soon (I hope!)


Sadly, I’m working a lot and my nails keep breaking and breaking, but I did do nail art one time when I got inspired by SimplyNailogical on Youtube (she’s amazing, check her out! Even if you’re not one for nail art, she’s hilarious tbh, worth a check) and created the galaxy nails again


This was last year and this year, I didn’t have my super-useful tiny brush with me, as you can see. I did use more colors though, and I really love this look!

I also did my sister’s nails (her nails don’t constantly break and the polish actually stays on for more than one or two days, so she’s now my main mani-person to go to. My other sister too, actually, but she doesn’t live with us any more so that’s kind of hard haha) the same way I did mine except with fewer colors and I like hers better. The only problem is that no matter what, I always try to keep my nails well-filed and well-shaped and my sister (both of them, actually) couldn’t give any less of a sh*t how their nails look without polish, which pains me every time I see it

My sister’s nails and my thumbnail


With my love for books, chick flicks (those are a huge guilty pleasure though), and nail art it seems weird but I love metal. I’ve recently been listening to a few of my favorite bands, of which Iron Maiden (related to my concert review), Nightwish, Orden Ogan and Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil is actually quite new to me, I started listening to them about a month ago, and planned a concert in October which I’m pretty excited for.

Other stuff

what other stuff did I do?

  • Well, for one, I just published a fic again (a one-shot this time, still working on some multi-chaptered fics), which felt quite great after a year of not-writing at all. It’s for the Supernatural fandom and has the pairings Castiel/Dean Winchester and Gabriel/Sam Winchester, focused on Sam and Gabriel. If you want, you can check it out at Archiveofourown, Wattpad or Tumblr. I am trying to get back into writing but feel free to check the other works I’ve written as well 🙂
  • Actually blog-related: I’m trying to get this mess of a blog into somewhat less of a mess, which is kind of hard to do. I have a lot of posts planned but I need time to write them, and besides this blog, I have probably almost every other social media app to keep up with (Facebook, Instagram (3 or 4 accounts), Wattpad, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, and a thousand apps for chatting – if you want to add me on anything, tell me and I’ll give you the usernames! 🙂 ) and besides that, as I said before I work a regular 6 or 7 days every week and although I don’t exactly need my brain for work (working at Subway), it does get me really tired, and mostly after standing for 9 hours straight, the first thing I do when I get home is lie in bed or on the couch and not move till I actually go to bed.
  • And for the random, I have a smol kitty (she’s almost 4 but so cute) at my mom’s and I made the best decision by editing a flower crown on her head, so if you like kitties, here’s a picture of my fluffy baby:

kitty with flower crown .jpg

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for this month, I actually really like this so I’m going to keep this up 🙂

What did you do the last month? Anything we have in common? Tell me in the comments!


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5 thoughts on “Beyond the Books – August”

  1. I’m so happy you did this 😀
    It’s hreat to find a follow holosexual. Cristine from SimplyNailogical is one of my favorite youtubers. I don’t care if I don’t do nail stuff, I just love to watch her videos and I’m so proude of her for all the subscribers she got in the last few months 🙂


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