Fall.. the perfect book reading season

In most parts of the world, Fall is slightly starting, and even though the spiders are the worst, Fall may be my favorite season to read. After we had a 2-weeks-lasting Summer in July, the rain started again, and it almost got actually cold. Now, temperatures are rising to over 30 degrees Celsius again, but I know soon it’ll be over.

Now I’m looking forward to the cold rainy days, and I know a few of you are too. why is Fall so great?

  1. Blankets and sweaters. Ain’t nothing like reading curled up with your favorite blanket or sweater (or both of course), without dying of the heat after 5 minutes.
  2. Drinks. Nothing’s better than to combine point above with  hot beverage, either coffee (my favorite), hot chocolate or a cup of tea, it’s amazing.
  3. Not to forget, adding cookies to that too. Preferably fresh-baked (because that smell itself is almost good enough) or just from the store, cookies are good.
  4. Rain. Because honestly, didn’t we all have that one book that fitted perfectly with such nasty, rainy weather? Of course, the rain is not as likely when you gotta carry your book outside, but as long as you’re inside, it’s good.
  5. Colored leaves. Might be just me, but walking outside and looking at the beautiful colors Fall brings, it instantly gets me in this good mood where I just want to get snuggled up with a book and occasionally looking outside to see the view.
  6. Storms. Might also be me, but I find it very calming to read (and sleep!) when it’s storming. Hearing the comfortable noise outside, knowing I’m inside and I won’t have to get out again, that just does it for me sometimes.
  7. Crackling of a fire. Might not be everywhere, but if there is, it just finishes the entire perfect-reading-setting for me!
  8. If number 7 can’t work, maybe lighting some candles will do! Candles are something so Fall-ish, when the days get colder and darker, just light some candles and in an instant, the room feels like home again, perfect for reading 🙂


Did I forget anything or do you have any other certain Fall related things that make reading just that little bit better? Or maybe you have a preference for the other seasons? I, for one, love reading out in the sunlight during summer too. Let me know!


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