Concert review: Iron Maiden


Alright, had to do that. I’ve been wanting to see them since I started to get into them at 13/14 years old (18 years old now), and holy shit, it was all worth the waiting.

So on 6/8/2016, June 8th, (long time ago, I know) the waiting was over and I finally could see my favorite band live. I had been waiting for it since I bought my ticket in October.

Quick note: I would have gone with 3 people I know from school, of which one I’m pretty good friends with. Sadly, a few weeks before the concert one of them died. This one’s for you, Victor, R.I.P.

When me and my friend got there, I started at the merchandise stand (of course πŸ˜› ) and after waiting for almost half an hour (I must say I kinda needed that time to choose a shirt haha, they were all so awesome!), I finally got my shirt:


Usually, the supporting act (The Raven Age) does interest me, but this time, it didn’t. They were good, for that matter but I just couldn’t wait for Iron Maiden any longer. right after The Raven Age stopped playing there was some shuffling of people in the crowd, people trying to find a good spot, and I shortly discussed with my friend whether he wanted to go with me to the front or not (he didn’t), and then I sneaked my way up front. I was actually surprised because I just wanted to go somewhat further to the stage, so I could see it better (I’m a shortie, sucks at concerts), but I actually ended up on the front-front! In the header picture you can see how close I was (I think 7-10 meters, which is like 22-30 feet), that picture was made without zooming in.

If you want to follow the songs I’m talking about, you can find the setlist here.Β 

Eddie the Head

It was more waiting, more waiting, some talking, they played a track of Doctor, Doctor and everyone went completely mad, thinking it was finally gonna start. There was a bit of sadness from the crowd when they realized it was only a track, but they did sing along happily. And then FINALLY, the lights went out again and the trailer for their latest album The Book Of Souls started. I had listened to the album so many times already, it’s gotten quite some bad reviews, but luckily, I love it!

Nicko McBrain having the time of his life behind the drums


After the trailer, If Eternity Should Fail started, together with a lot of smoke so I couldn’t see anything on stage for a few minutes. However, IΒ know how to recognize the difference between an track and a live voice, so I instantly knew Bruce was already on stage. Then, the part came where the guitars and drums start, and suddenly, Steve, Janick, Adrian and Dave were running on stage and Nicko was also seen behind the drums. The smoke cleared enough to recognize Bruce (with a mask on) on the upper side of the stage. That moment was whenΒ I knew I’d never forget this evening. Iron Maiden were there, in real life, right in front of me on the stage.

Steve Harris and Janick Gers



In total, they’ve played some songs of the new album, some of the older albums, and with all of them I just wanted to sing along, cry, scream, and laugh about what was going on on the stage at the same time. Now, if any of you are familiar with Iron Maiden concerts (either from real life performance or seen on YouTube), you know a lot is happening on the stage at the same time. This time too, Janick was being his usual self, doing a lot other things with his guitar, other than playing, like throwing it in the air (and catching it of course, almost got a heart attack at that one!) for example. Bruce also messed with Janick a lot, and at the other side of the stage, Adrian and Dave were being their usual awesome selves, playing awesome guitar. Steve kind of ran in between the sides of the stage, one time playing with Janick and the other time standing by Dave and Adrian.

Bruce Dickinson in his The Trooper-uniform

Fun fact: while waiting for Iron Maiden, I talked with 2 older guys and kinda made a bet of what song would come where in their performance. I said they’d start with the new album (since it was the Book Of Souls Tour), and that the ultimate classic, The Trooper, would come somewhere halfway. And I was right, halfway through the familiar tune started playing, giving everyone such a boost of energy. Bruce appeared in his usual Trooper-uniform (seen in picture above), and we all sang along.

After the Trooper, they played Powerslave, another classic, and then again some songs of the new album. Fear Of The Dark was such a classic again, it felt amazing to sing along to that one with the entire crowd.

After Iron Maiden (the song) there was a small pause and of course, everyone was cheering for one more song. Most of then knew what I also knew, ain’t no Iron Maiden concert without he Number Of The Beast. And yes, there it was. Amazing as always.

Dave Murray

After Number Of The Beast came Blood Brothers, and this is already a sort of emotional song (lyrics, song). Not the kind you immediately cry about (at least, I don’t), but it sends an important message. But before the song started, Bruce gave a small speech, about how wrong everything goes in the world, the wars still going on, everything. And that speech literally almost got tears in my eyes, I loved it. It was no surprise that during the song, everyone (including Iron Maiden themselves) seemed to sing and play more passionately than ever.

After Blood Brothers only came Wasted Years, and then it really was over. I must say, those really were the best two hours of my life. I kind of expected it to last longer because Iron Maiden usually play for 2.5 – 3 hours, but later I heard that here in the Netherlands (don’t know if its anywhere else too??) concerts and events cant last for later than 11 o’clock. Stupid rule, if you ask me but oh well. At the end I was kind of dehydrated, I was still so excited, I was so tired, and I could go on for another 2 hours.

Adrian Smith

After it ended I stood at the barrier for a while, but sadly, I didn’t get a setlist.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’m glad I had it. I honestly thought they’d never come to the Netherlands again, and if they do come again, I will sure as hell be going. It was great to finally reply to Bruce’s “scream for me, [country]!” instead of just listening to it on CDs.


I must rant about one thing though: at the end, I went outside and while my friend had to catch his train, I got picked up by my dad but I had to wait a while because (of course) it was pretty busy on the road. While waiting I got catcalled a few times, and that didn’t exactly surprise me because hey, I am a small blonde girl, and alone. I was already to happy no one came very near me. What did anger me, however, was overhearing a conversation between two guys, obviously drunk of their asses. One guy literally said, and I quote: “Yeah, Iron Maiden can only be listened to when you’re drunk enough to not hear how bad they are”. Like HONESTLY, you bought a ticket (which really was expensive, at least I think so but it couldn’t be that cheap for one of the most popular bands on the world), you came here to the concert, got drunk (while the drinks were also not exactly cheap, so to say), and then insult the concert in front of everyone. Why did you even buy a ticket? I mean, you could’ve spared yourself, and me, and others by just getting drunk at home ffs. I can get so angry when people do such things. Like, I can perfectly understand if you dislike a certain popular band (I myself don’t really like Slayer at all), but why insulting it in front of so many fans? Why do people keep doing that?

Steve Harris, Janick Gers, Dave Murray, and Adrian Smith on the screen.

Anyways, it really was all amazing and the post-concert sadness hit me hard the next day (it usually does, but this time it was worse). This is by far the best concert I’ve ever been to and if I could do it again, I’d do it without even thinking twice about it.

(I think this is the longest review I’ve written haha, worth the time!)

Well, I’m finally done talking, but not for long! I have been to the Graspop Metal Meeting, a three-day festival in Belgium, which I’ll be reviewing too. I also have some more concerts planed within now and next January (Lacuna Coil, Pain, Amon Amarth maybe, Hammerfall and Sabaton+Accept. Also possibly Volbeat +Avenged Sevenfold, if I can convince my friend to come) so there’ll be no lack of concert reviews πŸ™‚

Have you seen Iron Maiden live, how were they? You want to? Been/wanting to go to another concert? Let me know in the comments!Β 

I’ll talk to y’all next time!



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