July wrap-up

Soo.. atfer being away for quite some time, I have come back with my (very much too late) July wrap-up. I could combine July and August, but that’d be the same because sadly, for so far in August I haven’t read anything yet 😦 Been in a bit of a reading slump, which I hope will be over soon. Luckily, I found the motivation for something else: rewatching Once Upon A Time and finally starting the last season too!

Oh well, let’s move on to the actual post!

Note: this post doesn’t contain too huge spoilers for named books

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Millennium(1-3) by Stieg Larsson


I did review this entire series here, BUT I will say again: they’re awesome!


The Iron Fey: Call Of The Forgotten (3) by Julie Kagawa


Author: Julie Kagawa

Goodreads link: The Iron Warrior

Summary: When Ethan Chase wakes up, he finds himself in the Nevernever, on his way to his sister Meghan, the Iron Queen. When her son, his nephew Keirran, betrayed him, the Veil went down for a while, causing panic across all the world. All this chaos made the Forgotten Queen stronger than ever, and now she’s ready to take over Summer and Winter, using Keirran to declare a war. Ethan wants to save Summer, Winter, and the entire Nevernever, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to kill Keirran, no matter how badly he betrayed Ethan.

OH GOD I’VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS HOLY SHIIIITTT. Anyways, this is the very last book in the The Iron Fey series (review of books 1 and 2 of Iron Fey: Call Of The Forgotten can be found here), and however sad that is, this was amazing. This whole series just captured my heart at the first book and didn’t let go till long after this one (there’s still some left haha). Julie Kagawa is by far one of my absolute favorite authors, and so far I only have one series she wrote left to read, so I will try to find it somewhere. Meanwhile, in The Iron Warrior, everything is just great. The story, the characters, literally everything. I did almost cry when I read the last page, I didn’t want to leave Meghan and Ethan and Ash, Puck, Grimalkin… I really didn’t 😦 I will probably reread this entire series somewhere in the future tho, maybe even buy it!


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Author: Rainbow Rowell

Goodreads link: Fangirl

Summary: Cath is, like her twin sister Wren and many other people in the world, a Simon Snow fan. She’s active in the fandom, and even writes fanfiction. But when she and Wren leave for college, she suddenly finds herself further away from Wren’s side than she ever thought she’d be. Can she manage on her own, without Wren standing next to her? Can she manage college, homework, social activities, ánd her still ongoing fanfiction at the same time?

I started reading this book because it suddenly became popular (yeah, I know, but not as in “I wanna be popular too”, I meant as in “hm let’s check it out and see if I like it as much as everyone else suddenly seems to”), and it actually was a pretty good book. Actually, it was pretty great, really fluffy, but maybe my expectations were just too high. I do relate to this book though, I’ve actually written some fanfiction myself, but after a while, I just had too many things to do, couldn’t find the peace in myself to write anything, so now I’ve been on hiatus for about a year or so. Back to the book, it has the right amounts of fluff, angst and sadness and if I can find them somewhere, I’ll probably read the other books from Rainbow Rowell too.


The Silence Of the Sea by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir


Author: Yrsa Sigurdardóttir

Goodreads link: The Silence Of The Sea

Summary: When an abandoned yacht that came from Lisbon crashes in the haven of Reykjavik, no one knows what happened. The yacht was supposed to come with the crew, and a family: mother, father and twin daughters. Their other, younger, daughter stayed with her grandparents in Reykjavik, too young to go on such a holiday. The grandfather hires in Thóra Gudmundsdottir, a lawyer, to investigate it, and soon she finds herself coming across more mystery than she expected: the yacht was told to be cursed, what happened to Karitas, the former owner? And whose body is it that drove in near the yacht?

I read this book because my father brought it back from the library, and I really do like thrillers, I just never seem to be able to find the right ones. So when my father brought this one, I read it and holy damn, it was amazing. I had so many questions during the story, and only at the end of the book I suddenly realized how it all happened, making the reading more exciting with every chapter. The only thing that was a bit difficult were the pronunciations of the names in my head 😛 I read that this is apparently part of a series about Thóra Gudmundsdottir, so I’ll be checking out the other books too!


Now, I hope I will read some more books further this month, or maybe I’ll review Once Upon A Time for you (that series is amazing, I tell you), I don’t know yet. I’m working a lot these weeks so I already made some posts in advance so I don’t get behind on posting again 🙂

Have you read any of these books, or want to read them? What did you think? Drop a comment!


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