Series review: Millennium


Note: this review contains spoilers for the three Millennium books

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So, first of all, sorry for not updating for so long but I did a lot of things (went to the Iron Maiden concert, went to Graspop Metal Meeting, went to see X-men Apocalypse, y’all are gonna get some reviews outta that, worked 50 hours in a week, etc) and I spent some time reading. But now I’m back again, and I told myself I’d publish a post at least every week so I’m hoping I can keep that promise.

Now, I had already seen the movies (the Scandinavian ones, because those are a helluva lot better), even rewatching them as we speak, but recently I finally read the books too. the books were my dad’s so they were Dutch, but that shouldn’t really matter(and just “accidentally” bought them… oops ๐Ÿ˜› ).

Series:ย Millennium

Author: Stieg Larsson

Goodreads links:ย The Girl With The Dragon Tattooย | The Girl Who Played With Fireย | The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest


Book 1: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo



Summary:ย When Mikael Blomkvist, journalist at the Millennium magazine, is offered a ‘job’ far away from home, he has every reason to accept it. Hanrik Vagner’s niece, Harriรซt Vagner, has been dead for years. Or, at least, everyone thinks so. Yet,ย Henrik has to be sure she is actually dead, and so he calls Mikael. He has to spend a year on Harriรซt’s case, and will get paid for it, too. Once on the case, he finds out some interesting things about the entire Vagner family. When he calls in help from Lisbeth Salander, a girl with her own problems, things go a lot faster, and in the end, it all takes a surprising turn to the point where it almost costs him his life.

Originally called “Men Who Hate Women”, which is a lot less interesting, but a lot more accurate to the story. Got me gripped from beginning to end, to the point where I just fell asleep in the middle of the night and woke up an hour later, and still didn’t go to bed, but picked up my book again. I knew the ending, but that didn’t make it any less awesome to be honest.


Book 2: The Girl Who Played With Fire


Summary: This book focusses more on Lisbeth and her back story. It starts off with her being on Vacation somewhere far away. In the meantime, at Millennium, Dag Svensson is making a very interesting book and article about sex trafficking in Sweden. It all goes very well, until the night before publishing, Dag and his girlfriend are found dead in their apartment. Also found, is a gun on name of Nils Bjurman, who is also shot dead later, and Lisbeth’s fingerprints on it. Not so surprisingly, Bjurman had been Lisbeth’s financial guardian. She’s searched for 3 murders, and only Mikael believes she’s innocent. He starts his own research, trying to reach out to Lisbeth in the meantime, but she’s not making it any easier as she ignores him the best. The hunt for Lisbeth forces her to revisit her dark past, something she wanted to avoid forever.

Oh man, the way it was written, I almost believed myself that Lisbeth actually murdered them.


Book 3: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest


Summary:ย While recovering from a bullet wound in the hospital, Lisbeth is still getting attacked in every way possible. Zalachenko, her father, isย closer than ever, and still planning on killing her, Bjurman is still planning on revenge for what she did to him, and once she’s recovered, she has to stand trial for three murders.ย In the meantime, the old Zalachenko-group is also planning to kill him, and Mikael is slowly figuring out who originally let Zalachenko into the country and how he could have lived this way without anyone noticing. With some help from a few sides, and something very close to not-helping-at-all from some other sides, the trilogy ends in a way that will still surprise you.

I had completely forgotten the 3rd movie (since that’s the only one left to watch now) and I can say I really was pleasantly surprised while reading. Every character kicked ass in the way only Stieg Larsson could make them.


Overall:ย I’ve read some bad reviews, saying Larsson writes too much detail in the books, but I just really love that. I like to have a very specific image in my head when reading a book, and with the Milennium trilogy, that went perfectly. even though it was supposed to be more than a trilogy, I still think the ending was perfect as it is now. Every case closed, except Lisbeth and Mikael. And honestly, I think that case would never close, even if the books had been going on forever.


I know there is a 4th book, The Girl In The Spider’s Web, but my dad read it, and told me it was literally nothing he expected it to be, and it very much disappointed him. Now, I’m not one to make conclusions based on other’s opinions, but my dad was the one who told me I should read/watch this series. Maybe I’ll read it later, and I’ll give you a full review on it of course.

Now, I have watched the movies and are currently rewatching them, but I don’t know if I’m gonna review those as well, since they follow the books very closely. If you’ve seen the movies: what did you think of them? Tell me!

If you are planning on watching the movies:ย please watch the original Scandinavian ones, and not the American ones

Well, that was fun again, I hope to have a review for y’all next week ^^


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