Movie review: Captain America: Civil War

First of all: if I was able to cry, I think I would have lied on the floor in the theaters for another 3 days, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS WAS A-MA-ZING. It was everything and nothing of what I expected and the only thing I know now is that I must see it again!

THIS REVIEW IS NOT FULLY SPOILER FREE (it maybe has some small spoilers and one about the ending of the big fight you saw in the trailer but that’s it)

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Fair warning: I really tried to make this review as serious and professional as I could but I’m afraid my love for this movie goes a little too far for that, so this is me, trying to hold down the fangirl in me, and not really succeeding)

OKAY so after watching Deadpool, the next thing I was excited for was of course Captain America: Civil war. I’ve been a Marvel fan since I first watched Iron Man and this was just.. I can’t even describe it. The trailer (YouTube) hurt me already, and at the same time made me more excited than ever. I knew it was Captain America against Iron Man, both have a team with them, and there’s a lot of fighting (expected nothing less), but what I didn’t know from the trailer were everyone’s reasons for fighting.

Synopsis: The Avengers are the protectors, or so they think. Yet, there are some people who don’t share that opinion. People who’ve lost their loved ones when the Avengers saved others. The Avengers themselves don’t share the same opinions either. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes they should be able to keep doing what they do without the government involving in it while Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) has the exact opposite opinion. When something happens at the accords signing and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), old friend of Steve, seems to be involved, Steve immediately goes on a search for him.

Once he and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) have found Bucky and believe he is innocent, they try to figure out who tried to make everyone believe Bucky’s gone bad again. In the meantime, Bucky does get captured and reveals some interesting news about his time in Russia where he was trained to be the Winter Soldier (IMDB- Captain America: the Winter Soldier).

Hearing about this, Steve wants to go there and stop the guy who’s behind all this. Tony is actively against this plan, because it crosses the contracts he just signed. This makes everyone in the Avengers to choose a side, Captain America or Iron man. While Captain America, together with Bucky, Falcon, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), and even Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) try to get to the plane, Iron Man, together with War Machine (Don Cheadle), Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), the Vision (Paul Bettany), and lastly Spider-Man (Tom Holland) try to hold them back. This leads to an epic fight, where no end seems to come.

“They’re not stopping!”

“Neither are we”

Eventually, Natasha being Natasha, lets Steve and Bucky escape and finally the fight comes to an end. The rest of Team Cap gets arrested and put into prison cells at sea. When Tony comes for a ‘visit’, he shuts down the microphones and asks where Steve and Bucky are going. With all good means, he goes too, but once he arrives, he finds out something about both Bucky and Steve that he never knew before, and that one thing changes everything again.


I think I can say, from the bottom of my heart, that I have never been this afraid for a movie. And, I can tell you, my feelings were right. Whereas I usually notice that every Marvel movie gets just a little more painful, Civil War just gets more painful with every minute of it passing.

Now, it wouldn’t be Marvel if there wasn’t a good amount of jokes, and even in this movie, they were there. Good thing they were otherwise I wouldn’t have handled it.

I tried to say what the best part was, but I literally do not know what to choose. I mean, Bucky being Bucky was amazing, the fight was incredible, the fact that they added Spider-Man and Ant-man to it, the jokes, the parts where my heart broke a little bit more with every line, BUCKY STEALING A MOTORBIKE, pain pain so much pain, Wanda being active, Hawkeye returning from his ‘retirement’, Hawkeye and Black Widow, STEVE AND BUCKY BEING AMAZING TOGETHER AND THROWING OVER THE SHIELD IN THE FIGHT WITH TONY, I can go on and on and on.

Overall: Amazing. Amazing acting, amazing storyline, amazing everything, I seriously cannot shut up about it (why do you think it took me so long to write this review 😛 ). The pain was so real I literally felt my heart get scratches, and just when I thought it was all over, the ultimate plottwist happened (which I will not give spoilers about, if you wanna talk/scream about it: you’re very welcome to leave a comment and I will cry with you), and I honestly think my heart just shattered and left pieces everywhere in my body because everything hurt. Literally HOW does Marvel do it every single time?? So amazing oh god

Bad things: THERE ARE NONE however it’d have been awesome if they added Thor and the Hulk too, but then it’d be an Avengers movie and Steve, Tony, Natasha, Wanda and all those see each other on a more regular basis than they see Thor and the Hulk so I understand why they left them out, in conclusion nO BAD THINGS IN THIS MOVIE

As much as I would love to scream some more, I think it’s time to finally leave it be (this is I think the longest review I’ve written so far).

Next upcoming movies to get excited for:

  • X-Men: Apocalypse (which I do want to see in the movie theater, and of course write a review for
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass
  • Avatar 2 (and not the one they made a TV-series about, the one with the real people in blue)

So, as I earlier said, please leave a comment if you need someone to talk to about this (or any previous Marvel movies, honestly) movie, and once again, sort of sorry for my language. So much for me having a blog with useful reviews 😛

Really hoped you enjoyed my screaming, and I’ll write some more soon!


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