Series review: Blood of Eden

Note: this review contains spoilers for all three books of the Blood of Eden series

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So, Last night I finished the Forever Song, the last book in the Blood of Eden series, and for a few moments I just didn’t know what to do. I felt a bit empty, and also sad. The series ended, and it was pretty perfect but… what now? Well, review time of course 🙂

Series: Blood of Eden

Author: Julie Kagawa

Goodreads Links: The Immortal Rules The Eternity Cure The Forever Song

Book 1: The Immortal Rules


Summary: It’s not easy, living in a city with vampires inside the walls and rabids outside the walls. Yet, Allison Sekemoto manages to keep living without becoming a “blood slave”. Risking her and her crew’s lives, they get outside the walls of the city to hunt for food. When they’re caught by the rabids, Allison gets saved by a vampire, Kanin, who turns her and teaches her the new way of living. When she is forced to leave the city, she finds a group of people who are traveling to Eden, the only place without vampires. It all goes well, and she even falls for Zeke, until they realize what she really is: the monster in a group of humans.

This book gripped me tight from the beginning and didn’t let me go till the ending. The characters are described amazingly and I constantly found myself wanting more and more.


Book 2: The Eternity Cure


Summary: It’s been a few months since the group found out Allison is a vampire and she was forced to leave them, including Zeke. Feeling Kanin, her maker, calling her through their bloodband, she follows the trail and ends up finding her brother Jackal in her hometown. It’s not what she wanted, but together they plan to find Kanin. In the meantime, the Red Lung virus that wiped out most of humanity long ago has a new strain, one deadly for both humans and vampires. The only one who knows the cure is Kanin, and the only thing Allie and Jackal have to do is find him. When they find him, the plan to go after Sarren, Kanin’s torturer, and also Zeke’s kidnapper. Too bad he’s flown off again – but not before killing Zeke.

Just like the first one, I read this book in one within one day, so addicting. The plotline kept surprising me with every new chapter. I couldn’t believe how much hate I had grown for some characters, and how much Jackal started entertaining me.


Book 3: The Forever Song


Summary: Fully believing Zeke is dead, Allie plans revenge on Sarren even more. Together with Kanin and Jackal she goes to find him. When they arrive in Old Chicago, instead of Sarren, she finds Zeke. As a vampire. Sarren wiped his memory and the only thing he knows is that he has to kill Allie. Allie manages to change his mind, and he joins them on the search for Sarren. Sarren has arrived in Eden in the meantime, and once Allie and her crew arrives, everything is a mess. People are living in camps in the streets, the virus has come.Once they get to Sarren, they have to make choices, and not the easy ones.

This book really scared me at some points, because this is one of the very few series where I had absolutely no clue as for how it would end. I started this book at 1am, finished it at 4am, not regretting any of the hours I didn’t get to sleep. Kanin sacrificing himself was a part where I just had to stop myself from loudly screaming “NO!!!”, I really didn’t want him to go. It really kept me awake till the very last page.


Overall: If I had one word to describe this series, it’d be “holyfuckingshitthatwassiawesomeIliterallydonothavewordsforit”. I expected a lot from it, to be really honest, especially after the Iron Fey and the Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten series. I also knew there were a lot of books about vampires already, and not all of them as good as I had expected, but this one really raised my standards again. I do not know how Julie Kagawa does it every time, but I do know one thing: that I hope she won’t stop writing for a very long time.

While writing this, I am reading the last of the Call of the Forgotten series (The Iron Warrior), which I hope I’ll finish a review soon!


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