Concert review: Sabaton, Alestorm and Bloodbound

So, on March, 11th, I had another concert, this time it was Sabaton with Alestorm and Bloodbound. I have no idea how people usually review concerts (if they even do that) but I’d love to share my experience.

Note: I’m typing this on mobile and once I get the change, I’ll edit it on my laptop and add links to the bands and songs I’m talking about

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Starting with Bloodbound, I hadn’t heard of them before so as usual, I searched them up and decided they were pretty cool. When we got there, Bloodbound had already begun, and after buying shirts (I always buy at least one tour-only shirt at every concert) we still head the last few songs of their show. It was awesome, they sound a little like Iron Maiden, but they’re more power metal.

Then, after a small break, Alestorm came on stage, and it was even better than I expected. I hadn’t seen them live before, and I was pretty excited.
Between Bloodbound and Alestorm, when a lot of people went to get a drink, me and my friends managed to get a spot pretty close to the stage, which was our main goal.


They started off with “Keelhauled” and then played (of course) a lot of known songs, and threw a rubber duck in the audience (which I got to touch!).



(Some pics of the duck, I’ll see if I can find a vid later)

They were amazing live, and during the chorus of “Nancy The Tavern Wench”, half the people in the front (including me) spontaneously sat down and started rocking left and right while singing along.
Of course, a lot of beer was thrown to the stage and a lot of things happened in the crowd, but overall, it was an amazing experience.



And then, finally it was time for the main act of the night: Sabaton. When I first got the notice they were coming to the Netherlands, I immediately wanted to go. My friend (which I needed to go with since I’m a girl) was somewhat more hesitant, since we just all paid for our Nightwish tickets, and these weren’t that low in pricing either. However, when I found out Alestorm was planned as act too, he decided to go.

The excitement when the lights go out right before a band comes on stage will never go away. I love that moment. Once they were onstage, they started playing and I knew this was what I waited 4 months for. Heavy, hard, amazing.

The next time I go to a concert, I’ll be informing myself better so I won’t be in so much shock when I see someone hot, which was in this case, Chris RΓΆrland. Holy hell, his hair alone is so majestic already. During a few minutes break, he sang “Wind of Changes” for us, and I pretty much died. I may or may not have developed a small crush on him (hey, I really have a thing for long haired guys, and he wore eyeliner too, which was insanely hot).


(This pic isn’t from the concert I went to, but it’s got a lot better quality than what I have, so here ya go; hotness)

I have no idea if any of you know about the previous show of Sabaton in the Netherlands, but last year, Joakim was so crazy to put his pants on his head. Of course, we’ll never forget that, and at some point we just chanted “broek uit op je hoofd” (pants out, on your head) for a good few minutes. After about 3 times, somewhere at the end, he gave in and put his pants on his head. However, this time he was prepared for us, crazies, and he wore 2 pairs of pants which was a smart move, I must say.


The pants were thrown into the crowd, and sadly, I didn’t get a piece

When it was done, I felt how I usually feel after a concert: dehydrated, tired, and already having the after-concert-sadness. I almost ended up in the moshpit (twice), got stabbed in mt boobs with elbows, got stepped on toes, and yet, it was all so worth it and I’d do it all right again if I could.


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