February wrap-up

Heya! Sorry it took me so long to post something, but things have been pretty busy (to be fair, I just wake up, go to work, come home, and sit on the couch for the rest of the evening). Now, I’ve wanted to do a wrap-up last month, but I couldn’t get around it, so here’s February 🙂

(note: since I don’t really have much money, I get almost all my books from the library so I can’t take those really fancy pictures with it. Someday I hope to have an entire wall in my house dedicated to books, but for now you gotta do it with downloaded covers)

The summaries don’t contain (too huge) spoilers for the book(s)

The Mortal Instruments (1-6) by Cassandra Clare


Summary: Clary Fray is just 15 when she is introduced to the Shadowhunter world in a somewhat strange way. When her mother disappears, she’ll do anything to get her back. Together with Jace Herondale, the hot guy, his sister Isabelle Lightwood, his brother Alec Lightwood, and her best friend Simon  she learns more and more about the Shadowhunters and their enemies.

Author: Cassandra Clare

Goodreads links: City of Bones City of Ashes City of Glass | City of Fallen Angels City of Lost Souls City of Heavenly Fire

I read the first two books earlier, but that was two years ago so I decided to read the entire series again. To be short: I really liked the entire series but the last three books were so much about Jace and Clary that I sometimes found it hard to read on. I’m glad I did though, because after all the series was pretty great. I know it originally ended with City of Glass (which I think would’ve been a perfect ending) and I need to read The Infernal Devices and The Bane Chronicles too, so I’ll just do that before I go around insulting books.

The story has a lot of plottwists, which I personally always like. The way books can surprise me makes the reading even more enjoyable. In the last three books, there weren’t that many moments where I just had to lay down my book for a few seconds and realize what I just read,  but they still had their surprising moments.

Since I read the series, I thought I’d watch the movie as well, and, well, that was really a big disappointment. It seemed like they tried to fit three books in one movie, where a few of the most important (to me) details were left out, or changed. I noticed form the beginning, where Jace saved Clary’s life from the demon in her house, in the book it said that Clary killed it herself and that’s how Jace knew she wasn’t normal. I also imagined Jace and Alec would be way hotter, but that happens more often when I base the looks of someone on the book I’ve read and my imagination.

I’m planning on watching the TV series, so I’ll be updating on that later.


The Iron Fey: Call of The Forgotten (1&2) by Julie Kagawa


Summary: Ethan Chase is the brother of Meghan Chase, who has disappeared years ago to be Iron Queen in the land of the Faery. While Meghan has devoted herself completely to the Faery and her boyfriend Ash, Ethan tries to stay away form it as much as possible. It works well, until a weird guy comes up to him at school, talking about the Faery, and then disappears. He ends up in the land of the Faery with people he never thought he’d ever be with, going on a great adventure to search the boy that disappeared.

Author: Julie Kagawa

Goodreads links: The Lost Prince The Iron Traitor 

This series has been a great pleasure to read. I finished the The Iron Fey series in January, and started right off with Call of the Forgotten. The plotline is really surprising sometimes, and the way it’s written just took me with their adventure instead of only reading about it. I haven’t read book three (The Iron Warrior) yet, but I’m planning on doing that as soon as I can. It isn’t translated yet, and the English versions weren’t available at all so I had to download it, but since I don’t particularly like reading from a screen, it might take a while to find a suitable and comfortable app for it (if you have any tips: feel free to let me know!).


Silber/Silver (1) by Kerstin Gier


Summary: Liv Silber and her little sister Mia Silber have hoped for a home so long, yet all they hear from their mom when they arrive in Britain is “plans have changed”. She meets Grayson, a guy from her new school, and surprisingly enough dreams of him and the other guys too. Although it doesn’t seem like she’s dreaming, because the four boys seem to know what she’s dreamed about. She decides to find out what secret they’re hiding and what they were doing in her (their) dreams.

Author: Kerstin Gier

Goodreads links: Dream a Little Dream

I had my hopes up high for this one after I read the Ruby Red trilogy (if you haven’t read it: go do it!), but I had nothing to worry about. 70 pages into this book and I was already in love. There are a lot of funny moments, parts where I literally laughed out loud, and yet it’s kind of scary. Not the scary that can’t get you to sleep at night, but the scary where you know something is gonna happen, but you don’t know if it’s already happening and what the hell is even happening. I started in the second book just tonight (put it away to write this, you should be honored :p), and I can’t wait till I can read the third book already.

Now, I know my reviews aren’t exactly helpful or anything, but I hate to get a book spoiled myself so I wouldn’t do that for others either. Besides, it is 4am and I’ve been pretty tired the past few days.

I really hope you enjoyed this, and I’m very excited for the few books I’ve already planned on reading next 🙂

– Luci

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